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Down a Country Road
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Down a Country Road


Day One 2008

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God has revealed himself in two books: the created universe, which displays God’s power, wisdom, and glory; and the Bible, which reveals the fullness of his will for mankind. In Down a Country Road, Eric Wright uses his great love of the countryside to bring these two books together following the pattern of Jesus Christ, who used salt and light, trees and flowers, weather and sheep to illustrate divine truth. These 52 weekly readings, beginning in the autumn, bring to us Wright’s detailed observations of nature changing through the seasons and stimulate reflection on a wide selection of biblical truths. Snow and stones, animals and autumn, light and leaves, waves and weeds—along with many other aspects of country life—open windows of insight into eternal realities.

In the Logos edition, all Scripture passages in Down a Country Road are tagged, appear on mouseover, and link to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With Logos’ advanced features, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “Psalm 139:23” or “conviction.”

Key Features

  • 52 seasonal readings
  • Scripture and prayer for each reading
  • Spiritual reflections on nature changing through the seasons


  • January
    • Broken Tree
    • Partridge in a Pear Tree
    • The Winter Blues
    • Guilt and Winter Holidays
  • February
    • The Neatness Wars
    • Distinctive Trees—Diverse People
    • Do Disasters Herald Judgment?
    • When Plans Don’t Work Out
  • March
    • Is There a Human Home Instinct?
    • A Time to Gather Stones
    • A Gloomy Day in Spring
    • Giving Thanks for Green
  • April
    • Dying Trees
    • Resurrection Time
    • Watching for Signs of Spring
    • When Last Year’s Leaves Hang On
  • May
    • Same Old, Same Old
    • The Miracle of a Leaf
    • A Stinging Spring Day
    • Honey in a Wounded Giant
    • The Wind
  • June
    • Waves
    • That Bitter Root
    • Faith and Sunshine
    • Crows in Convention
  • July
    • Trash on the Trail
    • The Growth Imperative
    • Of Butterflies and Noxious Plants
    • Rain that Hardens
  • August
    • The Summer that Wasn’t
    • Little Bandits and a Big Principle
    • Savouring Summer
    • Farmer Ants
    • Birdsong
  • September
    • Changing Seasons
    • Harvest
    • Facing a Hurricane
    • Along the River
  • October
    • Remembering Sunshine During Rainy Days
    • Benevolent Autumn Art
    • Travelling Mice
    • Woodpecker Wounds
  • November
    • Day and Night
    • Message of the Mountains
    • Where the Sky Springs Free
    • Trees for Tomorrow
    • A November Complaint
  • December
    • Winter Rainbow
    • First Snow
    • Delayed Harvest
    • A Crowded Christmas
    • Tracks in the Snow

Praise for the Print Edition

The sample pieces I have seen of Eric Wright’s devotional book, Down a Country Road, reflect Eric’s sound biblical understanding and excellent writing style. My own frustration with the simple devotions published in so many booklets and one-year books has made me wish for something, not only longer but also with more depth. A book like the one Eric has proposed would go a long way in filling that void.

—Ray Wiseman, biographer, columnist, and speaker

I am always looking for ways to encourage and build up youth and adult volunteers. Devotional books in particular are helpful. This book is written in chapters that give a little more than the traditional one a day devotional page. This makes it meatier and more fulfilling in particular for the Christian who wants to read more than just a paragraph. . . . This book ties in beautifully with creation . . . well written, interesting, thought-provoking, beautifully illustrated throughout with personal stories well worth the read.

—Deborah Marling, former director, Children’s Ministries, Cobourg Alliance Church

God speaks to us in the storm, but more often in the ordinary of every day. Thankfully Eric Wright has been listening. This book is a delightful journey down a road seldom traveled anymore, a road where the simple is profound, where the extraordinary is commonplace, where the most urgent thing we need to do is stop, hear God’s voice, and listen.

—Phil Callaway, speaker and bestselling author

Product Details

  • Title: Down a Country Road
  • Author: Eric E. Wright
  • Publisher: Day One
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 192

About Eric E. Wright

Eric E. Wright studied theology in South Carolina. He ministered in Pakistan for 16 years and became cofounder of the Open Theological Seminary, now serving over 1,500 students. Eric pastored Long Branch Baptist Church in Toronto, served as interim pastor in six other churches, and taught both the history and theology of missions at Toronto Baptist Seminary.

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