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The Church and the Twentieth Century

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The Church and the Twentieth Century, a collection of essays written by clergy and distinguished members of the Church of England, discusses the problems the Church faced during the first third of the twentieth century. Percy Dearmer, Norman Sykes, and eight other prominent Anglican thinkers discuss reforms in the Church’s doctrine, liturgy, and policy instituted to help it survive that difficult time. The authors represent different points of view, but generally take a liberal stance in hopes of freeing their faith and regaining a foothold against atheism and the metaphysical outlooks that had crept into Western philosophy at the time.

Published in 1936—between the two World Wars—this volume offers unique insights into the grave concerns of the Church as well as the leadership’s outlook for its future. Students of religion, students of history, and the faithful of any denomination have much to gain from the perspectives offered in this fascinating historical work.

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  • Includes 10 essays on reform of doctrine, liturgy, and policy
  • Presents historically fascinating perspectives on the Church
  • Offers several points of view from past leaders of the Church of England
  • Preface
  • Foreword by the Bishop of Birmingham
  • The Ideal of a National Church by Norman Sykes
  • Towards Prayer Book Revision by H. D. A. Major
  • Public Worship and the Creeds by Percy Dearmer
  • The New Catholicism, part 1: Intercommunion by T. G. Rogers
  • The New Catholicism, part 2: Interchange of Pulpits by C. E. Raven
  • The Church and Secular Life by A. T. Wilson
  • Religion and Sex by Douglas White
  • Anglo-Catholicism and the Twentieth Century by F. L. Cross
  • Evangelism and the Twentieth Century by L. Elliott-Binns
  • Nova et Vetera by G. L. H. Harvey
  • Title: The Church and the Twentieth Century
  • Editor: G. L. H. Harvey
  • Publisher: Books for Libraries Press
  • Publication Date: 1936
  • Pages: 480


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    Digital list price: $24.95
    Save $8.00 (32%)

    In production