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Paul the Missionary: Realities, Strategies and Methods

ISBN: 9780830879007
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Eckhard Schnabel's two-volume Early Christian Mission is widely recognized as the most complete and authoritative contemporary study of the first-century Christian missionary movement. Now in Paul the Missionary Schnabel condenses volume two of the set, drawing on his research to provide a manageable study for students of Paul as well as students and practitioners of Christian mission today. Schnabel first focuses the spotlight on Paul's missionary work--the realities he faced, and the strategies and methods he employed. Applying his grasp of the wide range of ancient sources and of contemporary scholarship, he clarifies our understanding, expands our knowledge and corrects our misconceptions of Paul the missionary. In a final chapter Schnabel shines the recovered light of Paul's missionary methods and practices on Christian mission today. Much like Roland Allen's classic Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours? of nearly a century ago, Schnabel offers both praise and criticism. For those who take the time to immerse themselves in the world of Paul's missionary endeavor, this final chapter will be both rewarding and searching.

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  • Provides an overview of Paul’s missionary realities, practices, strategies and methods
  • Offers stimulating discussion of contemporary missions in light of Paul
  • Includes maps of important areas of Paul’s missionary work

Preface Abbreviations List of Figures and Tables Introduction 1. Missionary Strategies and Methods: Defining Terms 2. The Task of Missionary Work: Describing Goals 3. Missionary Methods as a Problem: Finding Solutions 4. Descriptive and Normative Readings: Hermeneutical Clarifications1. The Missionary Work of the Apostle Paul 1.1 Paul, Apostle to Jews and Gentiles: Conversion and Call 1.2 Paul and Jerusalem 1.3 Paul in Arabia, Jerusalem, Cilicia and Syria 1.4 Paul on Cyprus and in Galatia 1.5 Paul in Macedonia and Achaia 1.6 Paul in the Province of Asia 1.7 Paul in Illyricum, Caesarea, Rome, Spain, Crete and Rome2 The Missionary Task According to Paul's Letters 2.1 The Letter to the Galatian Christians 2.2 The Letters to the Christians in Macedonia: Thessalonians and Philippians 2.3 The Letters to the Christians in Achaia: Corinthians 2.4 The Letter to the Christians in the City of Rome 2.5 The Letters to the Christians in Asia: Colossians and Ephesians 2.6 The Letters to Coworkers: Timothy and Titus 2.7 The Apostle as Missionary, Pastor and Theologian3 The Missionary Message of the Apostle Paul 3.1 Preaching Before Jewish Audiences 3.2 Preaching Before Gentile Audiences 3.3 Explaining the Gospel in Civic Settings 3.4 Ideological Confrontation: The Proclamation of Jesus Messiah and Kyrios 3.5 Cultural Confrontation: The Explication of the Gospel 3.6 Pastoral Consolidation: Encouragement for the Followers of Jesus 3.7 Apologetic Confrontation: The Defense of the Gospel 4. The Missionary Goals of the Apostle Paul 4.1 Preaching the Gospel 4.2 Preaching the Gospel to Jews and to Gentiles 4.3 Geographical Movement 4.4 Conversion of Individuals 4.5 Establishing Communities of Followers of Jesus 4.6 Teaching New Converts 4.7 Training New Missionaries5. The Missionary Methods of the Apostle Paul 5.1 Cities, Regions and Provinces 5.2 Synagogues, Marketplaces, Lecture Halls, Workshops and Private Houses 5.3 Ethnic Identity, Class and Culture 5.4 Establishing Contact as a Public Speaker 5.5 The Persuasiveness of the Message: The Problem of Rhetoric 5.6 The Credibility of the Messenger 5.7 Explanations for Missionary Success6. The Task of Missionary Work in the Twenty-First Century 6.1 The Calling and Sending of Missionaries 6.2 The Content of Missionary Proclamation 6.3 The Proclamation of the Gospel and Church Planting 6.4 The Teaching of the Followers of Jesus 6.5 The Purpose and the Work of the Local Church 6.6 The Challenge of Culture 6.7 The Power of God Bibliography References Index Author Index Subject Index

"In this magisterial work Schnabel carefully and thoroughly plumbs the New Testament data to develop a comprehensive picture of Paul's approach to mission. His understanding of Paul as a missionary together with his application to selected issues in contemporary missiology provides an invaluable foundation for evaluating our contemporary approaches to mission ranging from the influence of cultural values (such as effectiveness and efficiency) to the lastest fads (from church growth to people group thinking to communication theory to short-term missions). Missionaries and missiologists alike owe Schnabel our thanks for this penetrating work which will play a significant role in missions studies for years to come."

"While Professor Schnabel modestly claims merely to bring some of the benefits of the last one hundred years of New Testament and Greco-Roman sociological insights to Roland Allen's work, he does so much more. Here is the new textbook for mission methodology. While technically limited to Paul, Schnabel covers the vital topics: goals, message, methods. The missions classroom has long needed this resource. Current and aspiring missionaries will benefit from what this scholar/missionary/teacher has to say."

"Following his landmark volume Early Christian Mission, Schnabel has written an equally useful volume on the missionary work, message and method of the apostle Paul. This work will prove invaluable to all serious students of Scripture and in particular to all missionary practitioners. A former missionary to the Philippines, Schnabel brings to this task the mind of a first-rate New Testament scholar and the heart of a disciple committed to help fulfill the Great Commission. Fittingly, the volume is dedicated to Peter O'Brien, who has likewise contributed significantly to the scholarly exploration of the Pauline mission. Highly recommended!"

  • Title: Paul the Missionary: Realities, Strategies, and Methods
  • Author: Eckhard J. Schnabel
  • Publisher: IVP Press
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 518

Eckhard J. Schnabel received his PhD from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and is the Mary French Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. He is the author of numerous books, commentaries, and essays, including Early Christian Mission, Paul the Missionary, and Der Erste Brief an Die Korinther in the Historisch-Theologische Auslegung commentary series. He also spoke at Pastorum Live 2012.


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Digital list price: $44.99
Save $27.00 (60%)