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Justification and the Gospel: Understanding the Contexts and Controversies

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Seeking to move beyond current heated debates on justification, this accessible introduction offers a fresh, alternative approach to a central theological topic. R. Michael Allen locates justification within the wider context of the gospel, allowing for more thoughtful engagement with the Bible, historical theology, and the life of the church. Allen considers some of the liveliest recent debates as well as some overlooked connections within the wider orbit of Christian theology. He provides a historically informed, ecumenically minded defense of orthodox theology, analyzing what must be maintained and what should be reconfigured from the vantage point of systematic theology. The book exemplifies the practice of theological interpretation of Scripture and demonstrates justification’s relevance in ongoing issues of faith and practice.

Essential for students, scholars, pastors, and laypeople, this informative volume brings fresh perspectives on theological matters. With the Logos Bible Software edition, searching by topic or Scripture references will further help your understanding—you’ll compare, for example, the systematic theologies of various scholars or denominations.

Key Features

  • Defends orthodox theology through interpretation of Scripture
  • Discusses justification within a broad context


  • Part 1: Justification and the Gospel
    • The Place of Justification in Christian Theology
    • Justification and Participation, the Ground and Goal of the Gospel
  • Part 2: Christ for Us
    • “From the Time He Took On the Form of a Servant”: The Christ’s Pilgrimage of Faith
    • “It Is No Longer I Who Live”: Christ’s Faith and Christian Faith
  • Part 3: Christ in Us
    • “Freedom for Love”: Justification and Sanctification
    • “The Church’s One Foundation”: The Justification of the Ungodly Church

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About R. Michael Allen

R. Michael Allen earned his PhD from Wheaton College and is currently the Kennedy Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and is the author of several books.