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Preaching Essentials

, 2012


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While the goal of the preacher is the same as it ever was, with each new generation comes unique challenges and opportunities for those who deliver God’s message. Preaching Essentials: A Practical Guide offers new and seasoned preachers a comprehensive, practical perspective on preaching to a new generation. Lenny Luchetti brings fresh insights—like how to use story, imagination, and mind-mapping—and suggests new habits that can reenergize preaching.

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  • Lessons on weekly sermon preparation
  • Tips for recognizing unique preaching opportunities
  • Motivating insights into the purpose of preaching
  • Part 1. Preaching and Preachers
    • Why Keep Preaching?
    • You Know You’re Called to Preach If…
    • Theology Matters
    • Science or Art?
    • Pitfalls to Avoid
    • Healthy Preachers S.H.E.D.
    • Overcoming the Monday Morning Blues
  • Part 2. People and Places
    • Context Is Everything....Almost
    • The Best Preachers Are the Best Listeners
    • Diversity Awareness Training
    • Listener Listening Styles
    • Preaching to Community Needs
    • Preaching Dress and Sermon Length
    • Introducing Your Congregation
  • Part 3. Preparation and Presentation
    • Developing a Sermon Preparation Process
    • Exegesis 101
    • Preaching as a Spiritual Discipline
    • The Preacher’s Two Best Friends
    • The Metaphor and the Mantra
    • Artistic Touches
    • Textual or Topical
    • Linear or Narrative
    • Beginning and Ending Well
    • Illuminating Illustrations
    • Appropriate Applications
    • Voice and Body
    • Practice Your Preaching
    • Mind Mapping
    • Reimagining Imagination
    • No Cloning
    • Use of Humor
  • Part 4. Planning and Progress
    • A Well-Balanced Diet
    • The Sermon Planning Retreat
    • Ask the Flock
    • Soliciting Sermon Feedback
    • Developing a Preaching Growth Plan
  • Part 5. Postscript
    • Tips for Building Rapport
    • Preaching on Hard Topics
    • Dealing with Surprises
    • Wedding and Funerals
    • Fresh Insights and New Practices
Lenny preaches and lives the power of the gospel. Now he shares how preachers can continue to grow in their preaching skills within the rhythm of ministry. I’ll open Preaching Essentials each time I prepare a message, so that I can continue my development as a messenger even as I plan my messages. The frequency of preaching threatens its freshness; Lenny’s breadth of insights provides practical inspiration that will restore it!

—Wayne Schmidt, vice president, Wesley Seminary

Lenny Luchetti is right to say that preaching is an organic art, more like painting a landscape than mixing a chemistry formula. In this book, Luchetti has given the church a practical, accessible, and useful guide to the essentials of the preaching life, the life of a skilled and devoted artist. It is a worshipful art Lenny Luchetti still loves to learn, even as he teaches.

—Dave Ward, associate professor of religion, Indiana Wesleyan University

  • Title: Preaching Essentials: A Practical Guide
  • Author: Lenny Luchetti
  • Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 224

Lenny Luchetti spent 15 years preaching for various-sized churches before transitioning to a job as a professor of proclamation and Christian ministries at Wesley Seminary. In May 2010, Lenny received his MDiv through Asbury Seminary’s Beeson Pastor Scholarship.


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  1. Stuart Irvin

    Stuart Irvin


    Well written book with a very carefully though out structure. It is very practical and pragmatic in its approach and structure which I think will lend it's self to me returning, in years to come, to specific points. Luchetti writes with an honest, engaging and humble tone which makes for pleasant, whilst also challenging, reading.

  2. Roy L. Conwell, Jr.
  3. Floyd  Johnson

    Floyd Johnson


    Dr. Leonard (Lenny) Luchetti has performed a service to those of us who preach by writing Preaching Essentials. The book is not designed to be a HOW-TO book on sermon preparation (though part of the text does speak to that task), rather the focus of the book is in preparing the man who will step into the pulpit to fulfil that job. See the full review here: ____________________ This review was prepared using a free electronic copy of the book provided by the publisher.


Digital list price: $13.99
Save $3.00 (21%)