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Faith of the Early Fathers (3 vols.)

, 1970–1979
ISBN: 9780814604328
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Providing a wide array of early church writings translated into English, Faith of the Early Fathers offers excerpts of critical theological developments in the first seven centuries of Christian history. From Clement of Rome and Polycarp to Augustine and Basil, and from Chrysostom to Ambrose and Jerome, these volumes track the formation of Christian doctrine—both the orthodox and the heretical.

The passages are keyed to the numerical order established in M. J. Rouët de Journel’s Enchiridion Patristicum. But these volumes are not just a translation of that standard work. William A. Jurgens has investigated and selected the most frequently cited patristic passages, including much that is in Rouët’s volume and much that is not. All passages have been freshly and accurately translated from the best critical editions.

Each selection is prefaced with a brief introduction addressing authorship, time and place of composition, and its purpose. Each volume is thoroughly and critically indexed by doctrine, Scripture, and general terms.

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  • Canons and creeds from the councils of the early church
  • Comprehensive indexes that track the formation of dogma and theology
  • Ideal for both scholarly and entry-level work in patristics

Taken together, these three volumes represent a thorough English-language reference book of patristic works. With the Logos edition, you can reap the maximum benefit from the The Faith of the Early Fathers by getting easier access to the contents of this series—helping you to use these volumes more efficiently. In your research, these source texts will support your historical-theological research and appear in citations throughout your library, connecting the dots as you investigate the faith of the early fathers. Every word from every book has been indexed and catalogued to help you search the entire series for a particular verse or topic, giving you instant access to cross-references. Additionally, important terms link to your other resources in your digital library, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries, theology texts, and others. Perform powerful searches to find exactly what you’re looking for because in Logos, your titles will automatically integrate into custom search reports, passage guides, exegetical guides, and the other advanced features of the software. You'll have the tools you need to use your entire digital library effectively and efficiently, searching for verses, finding Scripture references and citations instantly, and performing word studies. With most Logos resources, you can take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps, providing you the most efficient and comprehensive research tools in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

William A. Jurgens (1928–1982) was an American Roman Catholic priest and historian. In 1956, Jurgens began studies in Rome at the Pontifical Music Institute, while simultaneously earning a doctorate in ecclesiastical history from Gregorian University. Almost immediately thereafter, he joined St. Mary Seminary faculty in Cleveland, and later, taught at Borromeo Seminary, in chant and liturgial music. He would go on to serve as diocesean director of sacred music in Cleveland. In 1977, he was appointed by Bishop James Hickey of Cleveland as the diocesean research historian, commissioned to compile a history of the diocese. The first volume of A History of the Diocese of Cleveland: The Prehistory of the Diocese to its Establishment in 1847 was barely finished before he passed away, and volume two was left in draft form.


Print list price: $59.85
Save $9.86 (16%)