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The Bible in Medieval Tradition: The Letter to the Galatians

, 2011
ISBN: 9780802822239


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This work on Galatians seeks to reconnect today’s Christians with part of the church’s rich tradition of biblical interpretation. Ian Christopher Levy has brought together six substantial commentaries on Galatians written between the ninth and the fourteenth centuries. Levy’s clear, readable translations of these major texts—previously unavailable in English—are augmented by his in-depth introduction, which locates each author within the broad context of medieval scholarship.

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  • Provides translations of six commentaries from between the ninth and fourteenth centuries
  • Discusses the general context of medieval scholarship
  • Introduces the background of the letter to Galatia
  • Haimo of Auxerre: Complete Galatians
  • Bruno the Carthusian: Complete Galatians
  • Peter Lombard: Galatians 2
  • Robert of Melun: Questions on Galatians
  • Robert Grosseteste: Galatians 3
  • Nicholas of Lyra: Galatians 4
Edited and translated by one of the most gifted and prolific historians of exegesis in the world today, this volume will be indispensable for studying the history of exegesis. Few fields are growing so rapidly in religious studies, and the need for English translations is pressing. Ian Levy here not only masterfully translates six important medieval authors at length. He also supplies a rich and detailed introduction that itself constitutes an important contribution to secondary literature on the reception of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. . . . An ideal volume with which to introduce students to this burgeoning field.

—Kevin Madigan, Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Harvard Divinity School

Ian C. Levy has translated six medieval writings (commentaries and essays) dealing with Paul’s letter to the Galatians. He thus brings these important writings to the attention of modern general readers and students of the Pauline letter. All who consult Levy’s translations will profit from the reading.

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, professor emeritus, Catholic University of America

This first volume of a series devoted to medieval commentaries on sacred scripture, with its capacious introduction and wide choice of translated texts, augurs well for the project as a whole. The medieval masters of what they themselves called ‘the Sacred Page’ brought both deep devotion and skill to their consideration of the Word of God. One only hopes that the subsequent volumes measure up to the high bar set by Levy.

Lawrence S. Cunningham, John A. O’Brien Professor of Theology Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

Levy’s volume offers outstanding access to medieval commentaries on one of Paul's most influential letters. Anyone interested in the history of exegesis will find here a treasure trove; but just as importantly, no one invested in the ‘new perspective on Paul,’ whether pro or con, can afford to neglect these medieval interpretations of the Letter to the Galatians.

—Boyd Taylor Coolman, associate professor, Boston College

  • Title: The Letter to the Galatians
  • Editor/Translator: Ian Christopher Levy
  • Series: The Bible in Medieval Tradition
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 289

Primary areas of research pertain to medieval sacramental theology, ecclesiology, and biblical exegesis. His published articles appear in: Anglican Theological Review, Augustiniana, Carmelus, Cistercian Studies, Communio, Essays in Medieval Studies, Lexington Theological Quarterly, Medieval Encounters, Medieval Philosophy and Theology, Mediaeval Studies, Recherches de Theologie et Philosophie Medievales, Scottish Journal of Theology, Theological Studies, Traditio, Viator, [Journal of Ecclesiastical History and Revue Da Histoire Eccla forthcoming], and the Dictionary of the Middle Ages Supplement. He published a translation of John Wyclif’s On the Truth of Holy Scripture (Medieval Institute, 2001). His book, John Wyclif: Scriptural Logic, Real Presence and the Parameters of Orthodoxy (Marquette University Press, 2003), concerns Wyclif’s eucharistic theology. He has edited A Companion to John Wyclif: Late Medieval Theologian (Brill, 2006). Most recently, he has completed a volume on medieval commentaries on the Epistle to the Galatians (Eerdmans, later 2009). He is currently co-editing a volume on the Eucharist in the Middle Ages (Brill, 2010). His book reviews appear in Church History, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Church History and Religious Culture, Religious Studies Review, and Speculum, in addition to the Lexington Theological Quarterly. Dr. Levy serves as an editor with both The Luther Digest and Reformation Texts with Translation. He is also a member of the Society for the Study of the Bible in the Middle Ages and the Lollard Society. Before joining the LTS faculty, Dr. Levy taught in the area of historical theology at Marquette University. Dr. Levy is a Roman Catholic. In addition to teaching classes in theology and church history, he teaches the four specifically Catholic courses that are required as part of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies for Roman Catholic lay people. These courses are: Sacraments, Ecclesiology, Moral Theology, and Catholic Doctrine.


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    Digital list price: $26.99
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