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Luke: Stories of Mission and Mercy (StoryChanger Devotional)

, 2022
ISBN: 9781433580895


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When you know God’s story, your own story changes too. This devotional, part of the StoryChanger Devotional Series, is a friendly, practical guide to understanding the Gospel of Luke and how it shapes your story.

Luke: Stories of Mission and Mercy includes 50 devotionals written by David Murray, author of The StoryChanger. This volume features daily readings designed to help you learn, love, and live the whole Bible. Murray walks through the Gospel of Luke, offering thoughtful expositional comments on the book’s message, reflection questions, and a personal daily prayer. This book can help reorient your mind and transform your life with God’s better story.

  • Includes 50 daily devotionals on the Book of Luke
  • Helps readers reorient their mind and transform their life with God’s better story
  • Offers thoughtful expositional comments on the book’s message, reflection questions, and a personal daily prayer
  • Soul Sandpaper for a Smooth Finish (Luke 1:1–17)
  • Climbing Mount Impossible (Luke 1:26–38)
  • Jumping for Jesus (Luke 1:39–56)
  • The Only Promise Keeper (Luke 1:57–80)
  • Join the World’s Greatest Choir (Luke 2:8–20)
  • A Baby Who Helps Us to Die (Luke 2:21–38)
  • How to Parent the Perfect Child (Luke 2:39–52)
  • The Greatest Answer to the Greatest Question (Luke 3:1–14)
  • Three Baptisms (Luke 3:15–21)
  • Toughened by Temptation (Luke 4:1–15)
  • What Is the Gospel? (Luke 4:16–30)
  • My Best Fishing Tip (Luke 5:1–11)
  • Feasting or Fasting? (Luke 5:27–39)
  • A Better Guide than Oprah (Luke 7:1–17)
  • A Love Fertilizer (Luke 7:36–50)
  • Me First! (Luke 9:57–62)
  • Rejection and Rejoicing (Luke 10:1–24)
  • Do and Die (Luke 10:25–37)
  • How Do I Decrease Stress and Increase Spirituality? (Luke 10:38–42)
  • Three Solutions to Prayer Problems (Luke 11:5–13)
  • Money, Money, Money (Luke 12:13–21)
  • Are You Ready for a Reward? (Luke 12:35–48)
  • Suffer to Save (Luke 12:49–59)
  • Tragedies Are Teachers (Luke 13:1–5)
  • Fertilizing Faith (Luke 13:6–17)
  • How Many Will Be Saved? (Luke 13:22–30)
  • A Lover for Haters (Luke 13:31–35)
  • Gospel Manners (Luke 14:7–24)
  • Lost and Found (Luke 15)
  • Praise the Appraiser (Luke 16:19–31)
  • Relational Faith (Luke 17:1–6)
  • Grace Grows Gratitude (Luke 17:11–19)
  • The Beginning of the End (Luke 17:20–37)
  • Encouragement in Prayer (Luke 18:1–8)
  • Who Do You Trust? (Luke 18:9–14)
  • Start with the End in View (Luke 19:11–27)
  • Emotional Theology (Luke 19:28–44)
  • Big Gratitude for a Small Gift (Luke 21:1–4)
  • A Beautiful Host and His Ugly Guests (Luke 22:14–30)
  • The Worst Temptation (Luke 22:39–46)
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder (Luke 22:37–43)
  • Worst Friends Forever (Luke 23:8–16)
  • Cry or Die (Luke 23:27–31)
  • What Happens the Moment after Death? (Luke 23:39–43)
  • The Darkest and Brightest Moment (Luke 23:44–49)
  • Body Language (Luke 23:50–56)
  • Remember to Respond (Luke 24:1–12)
  • Spiritual Heartburn (Luke 24:13–35)
  • Almost Too Good to Be True (Luke 24:35–43)
  • Seven Lifts (Luke 24:44–53)

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David Murray (DMin, Reformation International Theological Seminary) is professor of Old Testament and practical theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and pastor of Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church. He is also a counselor, a regular speaker at conferences, and the author of Jesus on Every Page.


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    Digital list price: $16.99
    Save $3.00 (17%)