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Faithfully Seeking Understanding: Selected Writings of Johannes Kuhn

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Faithfully Seeking Understanding provides a first-hand opportunity for English-speaking readers to encounter the thought of Johannes Kuhn (1806-1887), widely considered the greatest speculative theologian of the renowned Catholic Tübingen School. This volume presents selected essays spanning Kuhn's lengthy career. They are organized topically and edited by Grant Kaplan to give readers an approachable introduction to his thought. Despite having a significant influence on German theology and being the subject of much study in Germany, Kuhn's thought has attracted only marginal attention outside of Germany. These essays, in addition to a scholarly introduction, give evidence of the depth of Kuhn's thought and show his ongoing relevance for key fault lines in contemporary systematic and fundamental theology. The selections are taken from chapters of Kuhn's books, including his Catholic Dogmatics, and from various articles that appeared in the Tübingen quarterly, Die theologische Quartalschrift. They are arranged according to the following topics: faith and reason; revelation and the personhood of God; responses to Protestant liberalism; theological topics, including grace and freedom, theology and the university; and Catholic fundamental theology. Though diverse in subject, when read together the essays yield a complete theological vision that derives from a carefully constructed theological foundation.

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  • Allows one the possibility to observe key nineteenth-century theological themes
  • Gives the first published translation into English of any of the writings of Johannes Evangelist von Kuhn
  • Helps readers to locate earlier inklings of the central questions that have remained prevalent in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
  • The False Choice between Faith and Rational Understanding
  • The Precedence of Faith over Reason
  • The Finality of Christian Revelation
  • Revelation and Its Salvific Import
  • Revelation as History
  • Grace and the Problem of Freedom
  • Neo-Scholasticism and the Misunderstanding of Grace
  • Sources of Revealed Truth: Scripture and Tradition
  • Authority and Interpretation
  • Is History Mythic? A Biblical Response to D. F. Strauss (co-translated with Jonathan King)
  • Religion as Feeling or Illusion? A Contrary Position
  • The Newness of Tradition
  • The Personhood of God
  • The Place of Theology in a University: A Response

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    Digital list price: $49.99
    Save $24.00 (48%)

    Gathering interest