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Exploring the New Testament

by Dunnett, Walter M.

Crossway 2001

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Exploring the New Testament See inside
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If you desire to more clearly understand how God works in the lives of His people, studying the Bible is the place to begin. And while delving into specific passages is important and necessary, those familiar chapters and stories take on new dimensions when you see them as part of a sweeping panorama of the Bible.

Exploring the New Testament takes a survey approach that will deepen your knowledge of God and, in turn, enrich your life. You'll gain an overview of the entire New Testament, consider the respective writers and their writings, and lay a solid foundation for understanding the message and revelation of Jesus Christ.

Chapters conclude with application activities as well as discussion questions that not only test your grasp of the materials, but also provide you with an opportunity for more detailed and intensive study. As you strive to fulfill the challenge of 2 Timothy 2:15—that of showing yourself approved unto God as you rightly divide His word of truth—you'll enjoy a truly rewarding experience that will also expand your biblical horizons.

Preface from the Print Edition

“Tell me, sir,” the sincere young woman inquired anxiously of the preacher, “what is the Bible all about?” After serious thought the preacher replied, “My girl, the Bible is all about Jesus.”

That, essentially, is the message of the New Testament. It is all about Jesus. From the story of the humble birth in Bethlehem as recorded in the Gospels, to the scene of the glorious exaltation as King of Kings and Lord of Lords depicted in the book of Revelation, the subject is the same. At the beginning of this study of the New Testament, the student will do well to look for the Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings.

Before a study of the books of the New Testament is undertaken in systematic fashion, two preliminary matters of great importance must be considered. The New Testament has a background which, when properly considered, will help to illuminate the books themselves. Chapter 1, therefore, deals with the three most important areas of this setting: the Hebrew, the Greek, and the Roman. Following this treatment, the chapter presents an overview, or “bird’s-eye view,” of the whole New Testament. This approach, sometimes called the “synthetic,” is vital to acquaint the student with the major divisions or parts of the New Testament and the unity of the whole.

Having completed chapter 1, you, the student, are ready to investigate each book separately. Chapters 2 through 12 consider the respective writers and their writings—the purpose, outline, main content, and leading features.

The attention of the reader is called to the application activities at the end of each chapter and the bibliography at the end of the book. These serve at least a dual purpose: (1) They provide opportunity for you to carry on your studies in a more detailed and intensive manner whenever you wish to do so; (2) They provide information regarding matters that could be given only passing mention. You will find that the discussion questions at the end of the chapters will be valuable for testing your grasp of the materials you have studied.

Thanks are due to Moody Press, Chicago, for their kind permission given to use materials from my book, An Outline of New Testament Survey. The outlines, charts, and one quotation in chapter 11 have been taken from that work.

On then to study. May it be done in the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:15 and result in the enrichment of the life of all who undertake the task at hand.

Product Details

  • Title: Exploring the New Testament
  • Author: W. M. Dunnett
  • Series: Broadening Your Biblical Horizons
  • Publisher: Crossway
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 103