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Pointing to the Pasturelands: Reflections on Evangelicalism, Doctrine, & Culture

ISBN: 9781683595434


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Pointing to the Pasturelands

All theology is doxology.

Anglican theologian J. I. Packer was one of the most widely respected Christian writers of the twentieth century. Author of over forty books and named one of the most influential evangelicals by Time magazine and the readers of Christianity Today, Packer’s impact is immense. He was known for profound theological writing that was always lively and worshipful.

Pointing to the Pasturelands recovers several decades of Packer’s contributions to the pages of Christianity Today. This includes his editorial columns, longer articles, and brief answers to readers’ theology questions. The book concludes with a profile of Packer from Mark A. Noll. Enjoy timeless insights from a man whose life was devoted to knowing God and making him known.

Praise for Pointing to the Pasturelands

Some writers find it difficult to be boring; Jim Packer was one of them. How many evangelicals do you know who could (or would) write a column titled “It’s wrong to eat people”? Or there’s Jim avowing that he is God’s plumber and sewage man. I think I read every one of these pieces when they first appeared; I am grateful beyond words that this new format allows me to read them again.

—D. A. Carson

Years ago I bought access to Christianity Today’s digital archive simply to harvest the best of J. I. Packer’s columns and articles. The painstaking work yielded bushels beyond what I expected—nearly six decades of gold. But if I was a more patient man, I could have just waited for this collection, an indispensable volume for any Packer reader.

—Tony Reinke, journalist, and author of Newton on the Christian Life: To Live Is Christ

The Best of Christianity Today

Since 1956, Christianity Today has been the voice of evangelicalism in America—a bellwether of theology, politics, and culture for evangelicals. The Best of Christianity Today is a new series, featuring the most enduring articles from decades of Christianity Today written by the most respected voices in modern evangelicalism. Lexham Press is proud to partner with Christianity Today to bring these treasures of evangelicalism's heritage to readers today.

Learn more about the other titles in this series.

  • Introduction by Russell Moore
  • Part 1: Columns
    • Satan Scores Twice
    • ’Tecs, Thrillers, and Westerns
    • A Bad Trip
    • The Unspectacular Packers
    • Great George
    • All That Jazz
    • An Accidental Author
    • Decadence à la Mode
    • What Lewis Was and Wasn’t
    • It’s Wrong to Eat People
    • Nothing Fails Like Success
    • John’s Holy Sickness
    • Hype and Human Humbug
    • Mistaking Rome for Heaven
    • The Prayboy Club
    • Klaus Bockmuehl’s Rich Legacy
    • Why I Like My Pie in the Sky
    • Humor Is a Funny Thing
    • Fan Mail to Calvin
    • How Will I Be Remembered?
    • Surprised by Graphics
    • God’s Plumber and Sewage Man
    • Bungee-Jumping, Anyone?
    • Packer the Picketed Pariah
    • The Whale and the Elephant
    • Fear of Looking Forward
    • When Prayer Doesn’t “Work”
  • Part 2: Articles
    • Fundamentalism: The British Scene
    • Christianity and Non-Christian Religions
    • Charismatic Renewal: Pointing to a Person and a Power
    • Walking to Emmaus with the Great Person
    • Poor Health May Be the Best Remedy
    • How to Recognize a Christian Citizen
    • What Do You Mean When You Say “God”?
    • The Reality Cure
    • Rome’s Persistent Renewal
    • Why I Left
    • What Is at Stake?
    • The Devil’s Dossier
    • Pleasure Principles
    • Why I Signed It
    • Thank God for Our Bibles
    • Still Surprised by Lewis
    • Wisdom in a Time of War
    • Why I Walked
    • The Joy of Ecclesiastes
  • Part 3: Good Questions
    • Can the Dead Be Converted?
    • Did God Die on the Cross?
    • Is Satan Omnipresent?
    • Hell’s Final Enigma
    • Text Criticism and Inerrancy
    • Prayers for Salvation
    • Experiencing God’s Presents
    • Reflected Glory
    • Incarnate Forever
    • All Sins Are Not Equal
    • Salvation Sans Jesus
  • Conclusion: Count Your Surprises
  • Epilogue: The Last Puritan by Mark Noll
  • Title: Pointing to the Pasturelands: Reflections on Evangelicalism, Doctrine, & Culture
  • Author: J. I. Packer
  • Series: The Best of Christianity Today
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2021
  • Page Count: 168
  • Format: Logos Digital, Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781683595434
J. I. Packer

J. I. Packer (1926–2020) is regarded as one of the most influential evangelicals in North America. He was Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, and his writings include books such as Knowing God, A Quest for Godliness, Growing in Christ (Crossway) and Rediscovering Holiness. He preached and lectured widely in Great Britain and North America and served as general editor of the English Standard Version of the Bible published in 2001, and theological editor of the Study Bible version. In 2014, Packer was named Author of the Year by the Association of Logos Bookstores. He was a frequent contributor to and an executive editor of Christianity Today and wrote numerous articles published in journals such as Churchman, SouthWestern Journal, Reformation Revival Journal and Touchstone. He received a BA, MA and PhD from Oxford University.


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    Print list price: $24.99
    Save $8.00 (32%)

    Ships 11/10/2021