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Training for Service: A Basic Bible Overview for Every Christian



For over 100 years Training for Service: A Basic Bible Overview for Every Christian has equipped more than one million volunteers with this basic course and certification for Bible teaching. Ideal for those planning to teach Sunday school or facilitate small groups, it is also recommended for anyone who just wants a Bible 101 course. It can be completed with a group or as a self-study. Training for Service is divided into five units that provide a better understanding of the Bible and its message:

  • The Bible: its origins, translations, divisions, and contents
  • Old Testament Geography and History: the people, places, and events in the first 39 books of the Bible
  • Old Testament Institutions: the elements of Jewish worship designed to point to the coming fulfillment of God's plan in Jesus
  • The Christ: the account of the ultimate revelation: God in the flesh
  • The Church: the mission given to the first followers of Jesus, which we are called to continue until our Savior returns

Christian educators have continued to keep Training for Service relevant for new generations of Bible students. This latest revision is updated with the best available Bible information and educational methodology and remains true to the heritage of this ever-popular study. It includes both the student book and leader guide.

Logos Bible Software dramatically improves the value of any resource by enabling you to find what you are looking for instantly and with unbelievable precision. As you are reading Training for Service: A Basic Bible Overview for Every Christian, you can easily search and access topics or Scripture references you come across, for example, "Great Commission" or "Isaiah 29:17–19."

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Key Features

  • 26 sessions that survey the Bible
    • Questions at the end of each lesson
    • Bible-word pronunciation guide
    • Maps, charts, and diagrams
  • Complete step-by-step lesson plans with reproducible worksheets and exams
  • Reproducible course-completion certificate
  • Access to additional resources at

Product Details

  • Title: Training for Service: A Basic Bible Overview for Every Christian
  • Author: Jim Eichenberger
  • Editor: Lynn Lusby Pratt
  • Edition: 7th
  • Publisher: Standard Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 142


  • How to Use This Book
  • The Bible
    • How We Got Our Bible
    • God's Word to Us
    • Divisions of the Bible
    • Books of the Old Testament
    • Books of the New Testament
  • Old Testament Geography and History
    • 3 Dispensations
    • The Old Testament World
    • Old Testament People—Part 1
    • Old Testament People—Part 2
    • Old Testament Periods—Part 1
    • Old Testament Periods—Part 2
    • Old Testament Periods—Part 3
      • Between the Testaments
  • Old Testament Institutions
    • Altar and Tabernacle
    • Temple and Synagogue
    • The Jewish Feasts
  • The Christ
    • New Testament Lands
    • The Christ in Prophecy
    • Life of Christ—Part 1
    • Life of Christ—Part 2
    • Life of Christ—Part 3
  • The Church
    • The Apostles and the Great Commission
    • Beginnings of the Church
    • New Life in Christ
    • Life of Paul—Part 1
    • Life of Paul—Part 2
    • The Bible for the Whole World
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Bibliography
  • Leader Guide
    • Lesson Plans for Lessons 1–26
    • Reproducible Worksheets
    • Exam 1 (Lessons 1–13)
    • Exam 2 (Lessons 14–26)
    • Final Exam
    • Answers for Exams
    • Reproducible Certificate
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About Jim Eichenberger

Jim Eichenberger is a former schoolteacher and principal. He is currently a writer and editor at Standard Publishing and authored this revision of Training for Service.

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