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Logos 9 Lutheran Starter

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  • Value of included resources: Over $3,300
  • Library: 70+ digital books including The Annotated Luther Series (6 vols.), Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, Lenski's Commentary on the New Testament | LCNT (12 vols.), Evangelical Heritage Version Study Bible Notes, and more.
  • Designed for: Everyday Christians.
  • Recommended by: Eugene Boe, David L. Adams, Clayton Robison, and other trusted Christian leaders. See all endorsements.
  • Features: Logos 9 Starter Feature Upgrade, including All the Prayers in the Bible Dataset, Reading Plans, Charts Tool, Courses Tool, reverse interlinears, and other Logos 9 features.
  • Runs on: Windows, Mac, mobile, and web. Get free updates so you can run Logos on any computer or operating system.
  • Downloads: Unlimited. Install Logos on as many personal devices as you like.
  • Support: Comes with free support and training.
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Included in this package

Bible and theology resources.

The Logos 9 Starter Feature Upgrade.


Logos 9 makes your study of the Bible easier by connecting your entire library of books to a robust set of study tools. Complete with study Bible notes, Bible dictionaries, devotionals, and a few key commentaries, Logos 9 Lutheran Starter provides essential resources for anyone just getting started with serious Bible study.

How Logos 9 Lutheran Starter Will Improve Your Bible Study

Biblical Studies
Biblical Studies
  • Get step-by-step instructions as you dig into a biblical passage—and find links to Logos tools.
  • 4 dictionary and handbook resources
  • 8 commentary resources
  • Run a search, then click to visualize the result with beautiful diagrams and charts.
  • Do a step-by-step study of a biblical theme, using Logos tools and books along the way.
Preaching and Ministry
Preaching and Ministry
  • 5 devotional resources
  • 3 liturgical resources
  • Explore maps marked with ancient sites and cities, and zoom in and out to reveal more information.
  • The Passage Guide gives you links to commentaries and other resources relevant to any Bible passage.
  • Enter a loose phrase to quickly find the verse you can’t remember exactly.
Original Language Exegesis
Original Language Exegesis
  • 8 English Bibles
  • 40 reverse interlinears
  • See any biblical word’s roots and meanings. Explore graphs detailing your word’s usage, translation, etymology, and connection to other words.
  • See word-by-word comparisons across translations and access Strong’s numbers, the Bible Sense Lexicon, and Bible Word Study with just a click.
  • Instantly identify everywhere repetition occurs within any of your resources.
Theological Study
Theological Study
  • 4 dictionary and handbook resources
  • 15 systematic and historical theology resources
  • Choose from dozens of guided learning plans to understand biblical topics, doctrines, books, and more. Each course draws on Logos tool videos and books in your library.
  • Organize and schedule your reading in seconds. Just choose a book in your Logos library, pick a time frame, and the plan is in place.

Resource Highlights

Library Resources

Digital books, media, courses, and other resources included in Logos 9 Lutheran Starter.

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System Requirements


  • Minimum OS update: Windows 10 64-bit 'Anniversary Update' (1607) or later
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1024x768 Display
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)


  • OS X 10.14 or above
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1024x768 Display
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)


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