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From the Introduction: "'Preach the Word!' is a command of God to the preacher. If we do not give people the Word of God when they come to hear us we have wasted their time and ours! The Scripture says, "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Rom 10:17). Everything else we will say in this little paper is in vain if the preacher does not give the people spiritual food, encouragement, enlightenment, and exhortation from the Word of God when they come."

"Nothing I say in this little paper will make you a "great" preacher. I’m not going to talk about the spiritual aspect of your preaching. I take for granted that you are here because you love the Lord and want to serve Him in a fruitful ministry. I hope that isn’t taking too much for granted. My purpose is to deal with some of the "mechanics" of preaching, particularly 'The Pastor’s Platform Leadership.'"

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Resource Experts
  • I. Keep Your Body Clean
  • II. Practice Good Grooming
  • III. Keep Physically Fit
  • IV. Develop Good Posture
  • V. Use Your Body in the Pulpit
  • VI. Avoid Harmful Habits
  • VII. Be Yourself and Don't Try to Imitate the Mannerisms of Those You Admire
  • Title: The Pastor's Platform Leadership
  • Author: William C. Neece
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

William C. Neece is an evangelist and has also authored numerous books including How to Lead a Soul to Christ, Eternal Security, and Giving a Gospel Invitation.


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