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Faith Working Through Love by N.T. Wright (1 hour course)



Discover how Biblical wisdom can help you find meaning in your work. We are all engaged in some kind of work, whether it comes with a paycheck or not. Regardless of the kind of work you do, from bussing tables, to taking care of your home and family, to managing a business, chances are you want to find meaning in your endeavors.

In this intriguing course, Professor N.T. Wright examines a series of Biblical texts that discuss how Christians should consider the work they do. As you’re guided through Old and New Testament teachings, you’ll discover concrete actions you can take to live out the fullness of being in the image of God, and become an agent for positive change in a broken society.

Upon successful completion you should be able to:

  • Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of how one's everyday work life intersects faith in King Jesus
  • Students will find out how the various cultures surrounding the Christians would have viewed them and how important work was viewed in the ancient world
  • Students will understand the various problems that arise when a new “family,” called the “people of God,” begin to live in the light of a Gospel of grace and love

Faith Working through Love

  • Introduction
1. Reading of Titus 3:1–11
  • Session One: The Transformative Power of the Gospel for Faithful Living
  • Quiz 1
  • Processing Ideas and Probing Questions
2. Reading of Philippians
  • Session Two: Modeling Faithfulness in the World
  • Quiz 2
  • Processing Ideas and Probing Questions
3. Reading of Romans 12
  • Session Three: The Transformative Power of Worship for Faithful Living
  • Quiz 3
  • Processing Ideas and Probing Questions
4. Reading of 2 Thessalonians 3:6–13
  • Session Four: Modeling Faithfulness in the Church
  • Quiz 4
  • Processing Ideas and Probing Questions
Course Exams
  • Objective exams will consist of multiple-choice and true or false questions. Use of a Bible or any other tool is not permitted for objective exams.
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    • Title: Faith Working Through Love by N.T. Wright
    • Instructor: N. T. Wright
    • Publisher: The Wisconsin Center for Christian Study
    • Publication Date: 2020
    • Product Type: Faithlife Course
    • Resource Type: Courseware, including quizzes, and video resources
    • Courses: 1
    • Video Hours: 1
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