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His Testimonies, My Heritage: Women of Color on the Word of God



Hear the voices of women of color on the most important subject in any age—the word of God.

This inspiring collection of devotions is by a diverse group of women of color—African-American, Hispanic, Caribbean, and Asian women. Contributors include Kristie Anyabwile, Jackie Hill-Perry, Trillia Newbell, Elicia Horton, Christina Edmondson, Blair Linne, Bev Chao Berrus and more.

It is a faithful exposition of Psalm 119 and incorporates each contributor’s cultural expression both within the teaching and as they bring the word of God to bear on their lives.

You will be thrilled and encouraged by hearing God speak through his word as it is expounded by these faithful women teachers, and you will long for more.

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  • Includes devotionals focusing on the word of God
  • Celebrates God’s word through the voices of women of color
  • Incorporates each contributor’s cultural expression within the teaching and on their lives
  • Foreword Kim Cash Tate
  • Introduction Kristie Anyabwile
  • 1. His Testimonies Are My Heritage - Elicia Horton
  • Morning Porch - Quina Aragon
  • The Pursuit of Happiness (v 1-8) - Jamika Munn
  • Kept by God’s Word (v 9-16) - Jeany Kim Jun
  • Our Anchor and Delight (v 17-24) - Patricia Namnún
  • Godly Sorrow and the Freedom of Grace (v 25-32) - Trillia Newbell
  • Run Ablaze - Janette…Ikz
  • God’s Statutes Our Rewards (v 33-40) - Ayanna Thomas Mathis
  • Responding to God’s Mercies (v 41-48) - Jamie R. Love
  • Freedom of Speech for You, of Him - Christina Edmondson
  • The Comfort of the Word (v 49-56) - Elodie Quetant
  • God’s Word Is Our Portion (v 57-64) - Bev Chao Berrus
  • Searching for Identity and Making Investments (v 65-72) - Miltinnie Yih
  • The Intimacy of Knowing God and Self (v 73-80) - Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
  • Raising Black Boys with Hope - Kristie Anyabwile
  • Clinging to the Savior in the Midst of Suffering (v 81-88) - Dennae Pierre
  • Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair (v 89-96) - Kristie Anyabwile
  • The Meditations of Our Hearts (v 97-104) - Shar Walker
  • Learning in the Valley (v 105-112) - Jasmine Holmes
  • When This World Is Wrong - Portia Collins
  • A Wide Place: The Word of God as Refuge - Elissa Weichbrodt
  • We’ll Understand It Better, By and By (v 121-128) - Jadine Johnson
  • Beyond Skimming: The Gift of Going Deeper (v 129-136) -Ka Richards
  • The Declaration of Independence and Me (v 137-144) - Danielle Anderson
  • In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (v 145-152) - K.A. Ellis
  • The Mercy of the Word (v 153-160) - Blair Linne
  • How to Live When Justice is Partial (v 161-168) - Kori Porter
  • A Final Plea (v 169-176) - Quina Aragon
  • Today We Sing - Jackie Hill Perry
His Testimonies, My Heritage is an edifying book. What the essayists in this collection have in common are two things: they are all women of color, and they all write out of deep and moving experience of joyfully coming under the authority of holy Scripture.

—D.A. Carson, President, The Gospel Coalition

This collection of voices could not have come too soon. I need to hear the exhortation and exposition of the word of God from my sisters of color. Thank you, Kristie Anyabwile, for curating a beautiful and needful meditation on Psalm 119.

—Lauren Chandler, Songwriter; Worship Leader; Author, Steadfast Love and Goodbye to Goodbyes

God knows your name. God wrote your story. God invites you to walk your heritage journey by seeking hard after him. That’s the empowering focus of the beautiful devotional reflections in Written by some of the world’s most exciting women of faith, this collection welcomes you to be more of yourself by knowing all of God. For such a time as this, that’s a worthy journey—discovering your life by rediscovering the glory of his.

—Patricia Raybon, Author, My First White Friend and the One Year God's Great Blessings Devotional

If the only thing we have in common between us is the gospel, that is enough. If the word of God is the only heritage we share, that is sufficient. How liberating is that truth! This is what this book is about. I loved the way these precious women, from different nations and backgrounds, are faithfully and beautifully lifting up what will last and unite us forever: the word of God.

—Betsy Gomez, Speaker; Blogger; Media Manager, Aviva Nuestros Corazones (Revive Our Hearts Hispanic Outreach)

With meticulous attention to detail, God created a diverse human race. He took into account a vast array of variables to include race, gender, and culture. These differences are not to be ignored or dismissed when reading Scripture; they are to be acknowledged and celebrated. This book provides a lens through which we can view the experiences of Christian women of color as they engage with God. It beautifully captures and elevates narratives that are desperately needed for women of color and the entire body of Christ.

—Kia Stephens, Founder, The Father Swap Blog

There’s something indescribably beautiful about Bible study done together in community. This book is an example of that. These women, some of the brightest Christian women of today, bless us with a book filled with insight, reflection, and conversation. This book will help you read your Bible better, and love our God more wholeheartedly.

—Russell Moore, President, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

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Kristie Anyabwile lives in Washington, DC, with her husband Thabiti. They have three children. Kristie is a popular conference speaker and tweets @kanyabwile


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