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The Teachings of D. S. Warner and His Associates
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The Teachings of D. S. Warner and His Associates


James L. Fleming 2005

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This is a survey and analysis written by Charles W. Naylor that has come out of studying all the works of D. S. Warner and of those closely associated with him. Excerpt: "In this paper I am setting down some of the conclusions I have drawn from all these years of study, and expressing some of the convictions I have regarding those teachings."

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  • Occasion for This Paper
  • Warner as a Man
  • Brother Warner's Theology
  • Assumptions by Brother Warner
  • Effects of Brother Warner's Assumptions
  • Consequences of the Assumptions of Brother Warner
  • Is the Advent Imminent?
  • Signs of the Advent
  • Do Old Testament Prophecies Have Two Fulfillments?
  • Types
  • Do Old Testament Prophecies Relate Specifically to Our Movement?
  • Does God Still Work in the Denominations?
  • Was 1880 a Prophetic Year?
  • What is Babylon?
  • Preparation of the Bride
  • Unity
  • Pattern Unity
  • Basis of Unity
  • Four Roads to Unity
  • Reconstituting the Church
  • Why People Come to Us
  • What Makes Us a Distinct Body?
  • What Lies Ahead?

Product Details

  • Title: The Teachings of D. S. Warner and His Associates
  • Author: Charles W. Naylor
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

About Charles W. Naylor

Charles W. Naylor has also authored Heart Talks, Winning a Crown, and The Secret of Being Strong.

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