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Media Tool

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Media Tool

Browse all Logos media and use filters to discover brilliant images, slides, and art that will enhance your next presentation. Filter your Logos media by tag, type, topic, author and more or type in a keyword and discover all the related media you own. Example: Enter the key term "Ephesians" and browse all of the Verse of the Day art, archeological images, maps, etc. tied to this city. Open the image to send to your Sermon, or put a quote on a custom-designed background for a beautiful slide to share on social media.

Be sure to check out more info and training on this and all Logos Features.

  • Discover images to illustrate biblical concepts, places, people, and things
  • Search by biblical topic or passage and quickly find the right image to add to your message
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  1. Isaías Bautista Dolores
This product is not currently available to purchase.