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Introduction to Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria (2 vols.)

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The Jewish philosopher Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria is an important figure in first century Judaism. Living around the same time as Jesus, Philo gives insight into the development of Jewish thought in the Greek-speaking world. His works provide a unique window into the intersection of Jewish faith and Greek philosophy that would become important in the development of Christian theology in the years and centuries that followed.

This collection pulls together two of the key twentieth century introductions to Philo-Judaeus’ life and thought. Through these volumes, you will gain the context by which to more fruitfully engage with Philo’s own writings and to understand first century Jewish thought in the Diaspora.

  • Provides clear and understandable introduction to Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
  • Offers insight into the politics, philosophy, and religious thought that formed this important first century thinker
  • Contains helpful background information for better understanding Philo’s own writings as well as recognizing his influence
  • Title: Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria (2 vols.)
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 484
  • Resource Type: Introduction
  • Topic: Judaica
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Introduction to Philo-Judaeus

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Philo Judaeus is a figure who has been seen as many different things by different people over the centuries. Erwin Goodenough sets out in this volume to provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to Philo Judaeus and his influence on religious and philosophical thought. Incorporating his years of expertise in the history of religion, Goodenough systematically goes through the writings, thought, and mysticism of this key first century philosopher in order to provide an honest picture of this often misunderstood man.

Erwin Ramsdell Goodenough was a scholar in the history of religion. He is specifically noted for his study of the influence of Greek culture on Judaism.

Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria

  • Author: Norman Bentwich
  • Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
  • Publication Date: 1910
  • Pages: 273

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As many have undertaken to provide an overview of Philo from a Christian perspective or from the perspective of Greek philosophy, few have approached this figure from his own Jewish perspective. Norman Bentwich seeks to rectify this through Philo Judaeus of Alexandria. Rather than viewing him as some sort of historical anomaly or oddity, Bentwich argues that “Philo is essentially and splendidly a Jew, and that his thought is through and through Jewish.” Philo’s Jewish perspective is not incidental but is critical to an honest comprehension of his writings.

Norman Bentwich was a British barrister and legal academic. He was the British-appointed attorney-general of Mandatory Palestine.


Collection value: $17.48
Save $0.49 (2%)