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The Secret of the Singing Heart


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From the Preface: "It is my purpose in this little book to point out some of the underlying principles of Christian life and experience. I hope I have succeeded in doing so in a way that will be helpful to others to an extent comparable to the gratifying results of my more personal work and correspondence I will feel I have been well rewarded for my labors. I hope I have succeeded in making clear the way into the joyfully victorious life and that the reader may walk life’s way with the “everlasting joy” that belongs to those who have learned the secret of the singing heart."

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Key Features

  • A triumphant discovery shared by a remarkable Christian while facing his darkest crisis
  • Preface by the author


  • Chapter I - The Fountain of Song
  • Chapter II - A Great Adventure
  • Chapter III - Making a God
  • Chapter IV - Five Kinds of Religion
  • Chapter V - Who Wears the Halter?
  • Chapter VI - The Road to Happiness
  • Chapter VII - A Noxious Tree
  • Chapter VIII - Fruits of the Worry Tree
  • Chapter IX - Fertilizing the Worry Tree
  • Chapter X - Destroying the Worry Tree
  • Chapter XI - Ringing the Joy Bells
  • Chapter XII - Just for Today
  • Chapter XIII - Troubles that Missed the Train
  • Chapter XIV - If You Can't Help It
  • Chapter XV - Ingrowing Thoughts
  • Chapter XVI - Troublesome Neighbors
  • Chapter XVII - Erasing the Interrogation Marks
  • Chapter XVIII - Building-Blocks of Faith
  • Chapter XIX - Soldiers
  • Chapter XX - Learning to Sing
  • Chapter XXI - Singing in Safety
  • Chapter XXII - Singing in Adversity
  • Chapter XXIII - Singing in Quietness
  • Chapter XXIV - Singing in Activity
  • Chapter XXV - The Heavenly Places
  • Chapter XXVI - Facing the Sunrise
  • Chapter XXVII - Contentment
  • Chapter XXVIII - Victorious Living

Product Details

  • Title: The Secret of the Singing Heart
  • Author: Charles W. Naylor
  • Publisher: Warner Press


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    Digital list price: $6.99
    Save $1.00 (14%)