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Luther’s Works, Volume 45

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In the eleven treatises comprising this volume, it is of extraordinary interest to note how the foremost exponent of evangelical ethics interprets the dictates of love in the concrete circumstances of his time. A Christian's behavior is determined more by the situation in which he finds himself than by any fixed and final ethical formulations or codes of moral conduct.


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  1. Glenn Crouch

    Glenn Crouch


    This is a fine collection of Luther’s writings, that give great insight into his pastoral heart as he aims to stay true the Scriptures and deal with the messiness of life. We have Luther tackling such things as Marriage, Education, Economics, Social Justice, Family and more. If you have some knowledge of what life was like in the 1520s in Northern Europe, then you can also get the feel for how radical Luther was when it came to every day life. We see in his arguments about Education, that he was a strong advocate of a good education (Languages, the Bible, History, Music and even Mathematics) for ALL children - including young girls. He also argued that this should be provided by the community so that it would be available to all - and because it would benefit all. We see that his understanding of good Economics is far different from our approach to Finance and Marketing. Luther is no Capitalist but neither is he a Socialist (and of course neither term is appropriate for the 1520s) - but it is his reasoning behind how wealth should be made that makes me think that the system he proposes would be a pretty good one to live under... We also see his arguments for Marriage, his arguments for obeying your Parents - and what happens when these two collide - in the last treatise in this volume. Highly recommended volume! Now onto vol 46!

This product is not currently available to purchase.