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The Southern Levant under Assyrian Domination
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The Southern Levant under Assyrian Domination

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Eisenbrauns 2018

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With its unique geographic diversity and abundant archaeological and textual data, the southern Levant is an excellent “laboratory” for studying how Assyrian domination operated. This collection of essays explains how Neo-Assyrian rule influenced the demographics, economy, and culture of the region.

A systematic study of Assyrian rule in the west that integrates archaeological and textual perspectives and reconsiders the “Assyrian Peace” paradigm has long been needed. Building on the unparalleled archaeological and textual information available from the Land of Israel and its surroundings, the studies in this book address various aspects of Assyrian rule, including life under Assyrian hegemony and the consequences of the Assyrian conquests. It includes a broad overview of the vast archaeological data from both the provinces and client kingdoms in the Land of Israel in the Assyrian period, as well as a systematic and chronological survey of Assyrian texts that mention the region or sites therein. The contributors employ widely divergent approaches to topics such as the description of Assyrian encroachment in biblical texts, the Judean experience of Assyrian control, the political structure of the Coastal Plain, and the architecture of hospitality, among others. Integrating various sources of information to reconstruct the demography, economy, architecture, and intellectual life of the southern Levant, the articles in this volume are important not only for the study of Assyrian rule but also for research on empires writ large.

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Key Features

  • Present a wide variety of methodological approaches
  • Includes a detailed index and bibliography
  • Contextualizes the Assyrian Empire relative to Israel's history


  • “The Southern Levant under Assyrian Domination: An Introduction” by Avraham Faust and Shawn Zelig Aster
  • “The Assyrian Century in the Southern Levant: An Overview of the Reality on the Ground” by Avraham Faust
  • “The Assyrian Provinces of the Southern Levant: Sources, Administration, and Control” by Peter Zilberg
  • “Treaty and Prophecy: A Survey of Biblical Reactions to Neo-Assyrian Political Thought” by Shawn Zelig Aster
  • ““Your Servant and Son I Am”: Aspects of the Assyrian Imperial Experience of Judah” by Amitai Baruchi-Unna
  • “The Assyrian Influence on the Architecture of Hospitality in the Southern Levant” by David Kertai
  • “Neo-Assyrian Involvement in the Southern Coastal Plain of Israel: Old Concepts and New Interpretations” by Alexander Fantalkin
  • “On Phoeniciaʼs Trade Relations with Philistia and Judah under the Assyrian Hegemony: The Ceramic Evidence” by Lily Singer-Avitz
  • “The Beirut Decree and Mesopotamian Imperial Policy toward the Levant” by Yigal Bloch
  • “The Last Days of Cuneiform in Canaan: Speculations on the Coins from Samaria” by Wayne Horowitz

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About the Editors

Shawn Zelig Aster is Senior Lecturer in the Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology and the Department of Hebrew Bible at Bar-Ilan University.

Avraham Faust is Professor of Archaeology in the Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at Bar-Ilan University.

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