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Theological Topic Study Workflow


The Theological Topic Study Workflow is designed to guide you through the steps of studying a theological topic in Logos by using the Theology Guide and the Lexham Survey of Theology. With this workflow, you will orient yourself to the broader context of a theological topic, learn the basic concepts and issues associated with the topic, review the biblical support for the doctrine, consider related topics, and go deeper in your theological study by reading relevant sections from systematic theologies. Starting a new theological topic study is as easy as entering your desired topic at the beginning of the workflow. Convenient and helpful guidence is then provided each step along the way.

Please note that the Theological Topic Study Workflow requires Logos 8.2 and Full Feature Set to function correctly. Check out a Silver and up base package for the best experience.

Product Details

  • Title: Biblical Theme Study Workflow
  • Publisher: Faithlife
  • Publication Date: 2019