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Verbum 8 Basic


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Included in this package

Bible and theology resources.

The Verbum 8 Basic Feature Upgrade.

This free version of Verbum Study Software puts insights from across all of Scripture and Tradition—and dozens of books—right at your fingertips. With Verbum 8 Basic, you’ll do basic study tasks and see for yourself how Verbum can help you discover, understand, and share more of the Faith from Scripture and Tradition. Customize a reading plan for any resource in your library, take notes and highlight, consult devotionals and Church documents, and more—all with the help of intuitive, interactive tools.

Verbum 8 Basic is a limited-feature version of Verbum 8. With no credit card required, enjoy select features that are included in Verbum 8 libraries, as well as a few datasets, books, and other resources. The features, datasets, and books provided in Verbum 8 Basic are “access-only”, which means you have access to them, but do not own them permanently.

How Verbum 8 Basic Will Improve Your Bible Study

Bible Study
Bible Study
  • Connect your favorite commentary with any Bible.
  • Get instant information on biblical people, places, events, and objects.
  • Find the right results with one search.
  • Quickly locate different types of miracles, parables, or prayers.
Greek and Hebrew
Greek and Hebrew
  • Instantly access Greek and Hebrew words behind the English translations.
  • Immediately get definitions, morphology, and syntactical values of every word in a passage.

Resource Highlights

The Confessions of Saint Augustine

2 authors

Augustine of Hippo is one of the most important thinkers for Western theology and philosophy. His understanding of the self, of sin, of redemption, and of sanctification set the tone for all subsequent theology. Even those who disagree with him must still interact with the effects of his thought. In his Confessions, Augustine gives a theocentric testimonial of his conversion experience and his growing understanding of God. This crucial work introduced the idea of the inner self to the world. It was the first work that struggled to understand the inner life—the life of the mind. Its place at the beginning of the development of the autobiography is undeniable.

Regular Price: $9.99

A Catholic Dictionary

2 authors

Regular Price: $14.99

Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary

By George Leo Haydock

Regular Price: $4.99

Douay-Rheims Bible (DRA)

Regular Price: $9.99

Library Resources

Digital books, media, courses, and other resources included in Verbum 8 Basic.

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System Requirements


  • Minimum OS update: Win 7 SP1, Win 8.1, or Win 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1024x768 Display
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)


  • OS X "El Capitan" 10.11 or higher
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)


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