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House of God or House of David

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2 Samuel 7 has always been a focal point in discussion about the Davidic covenant and its relationship to the exodus (or Sinai) covenant. This new rhetorical study of the speeches of Yahweh and David in 2 Samuel 7 examines the dynamics of the conversation between the two characters, a conversation essentially about houses and obligation. The reading proposes that talk of a Davidic dynasty is a diversionary strategy that Yahweh uses to deflect David's interest from a temple building project. It also suggests that the manner in which Yahweh presents the offer of dynasty conceals an empty offer behind the facade of a grandiose and unending lineage. The history of religions problem of a Davidic versus sinaitic covenant may be resolved by attending less to the facade and more to the undertones of Yahweh's offer.

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  • Title: House of God or House of David
  • Editor: Lyle Eslinger
  • Series: Studies on David collection
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic
  • Publication Date: 1994
  • Pages: 144

About Lyle Eslinger

Lyle Eslinger received his Ph.D. from McMaster University. He is Professor of Western Religions at the University of Calgary.