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In his revolutionary book Cross Vision, Gregory A. Boyd proposed his groundbreaking “cruciform hermeneutic,” a way for Christians to make sense of the violence of the Old Testament by seeing it through the crucifixion of Jesus. Now Boyd has teamed up with pastor Deacon Godsey to develop this study guide for individuals and groups. Using this guide, readers can work through Cross Vision chapter by chapter, consider various stories from the Bible, and hear from Boyd about questions that have come up since he wrote the book. The Cross Vision Study Guide is an essential aid for anyone wrestling with depictions of a violent God, yet living with faith in a peaceful Christ.

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Key Features

  • Work through Cross Vision chapter by chapter
  • Make sense of the violence of the Old Testament
  • Examine various stories from the Bible


  • Introduction
  • Week #1: Part I—The Elephant: Calling It Like It Is
  • Week #1: Part II—The Unveiling: What God Is Really Like
  • Week #2: Part I—A Cruciform Through-Line: The Centrality of Christ Crucified
  • Week #2: Part II—Revolting Beauty: Learning to See the Cross as the Key
  • Week #3: Building on Tradition: The Old and The New
  • Week #4: The Heavenly Missionary: Divine Accommodation
  • Week #5: Part I—Rorschach God: Whose Image of God to Trust?
  • Week #5: Part II—Echoes of a Pagan Warrior: Reading the OT in Its ANE Context
  • Week #6: Divine Aikido: God’s Nonviolent Judgment
  • Week #7: Part I—Self-Punishing Sin: Divine Abandonment
  • Week #7: Part II—Doing and Allowing: The Dual-Speech Pattern of Scripture
  • Week #8: Part I—Cosmic War: What’s Going On Behind the Scenes
  • Week #8: Part II—Creation Undone: The BIG-Big Picture
  • Week #9: Part I— Dragon-Swallowing-Dragon Warfare: How God Wins
  • Week #9: Part II—Misusing Divine Power: Those Temperamental Prophets
  • Week #10: Part I—Commanding Child Sacrifice: Trusting God in the Midst of Confusion
  • Week #10: Part II—Four Words of Encouragement
  • Appendix 1: The Cruciform Hermeneutic in Summary
  • Appendix 2: Truth Priorities

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About the Authors

Gregory A. Boyd is an internationally recognized theologian, preacher, teacher, apologist, and author. He is the cofounder and senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood, Minnesota, the founder and President of ReKnew Ministries (, and the author or coauthor of twenty-one books, including The Myth of a Christian Nation.

Deacon Godsey is the lead pastor of Vintage Church in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Save $3.00 (30%)

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