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A Messianic Commentary: Yochanan (John) Presents the Revelation of Yeshua the Messiah

ISBN: 9781936716937
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“Reading Revelation through genuine Jewish eyes is like watching TV in color for the first time.”

The Book of Revelation is perhaps the most mysterious, difficult-to-understand book in all of the Bible. Scholar after scholar, theologian after theologian have wrestled with all the strange visions, images and messages given by Yochanan (John), one of Yeshua’s apostles. This book has been seen as prophecy, poetry or both. It’s been looked at as a book that reveals the precise time of Messiah’s return to Earth and it’s also been understood to be talking solely about the historical events of the day, the last part of the first century C.E. Because of the difficulty in getting an accurate understanding of what this critical book is all about, most people have shied away from reading it. Until now! Gavrel Lumbroso has come to the rescue. As a Messianic Jewish rabbi, who has written and taught extensively on the Jewish background of the Faith in Yeshua (Jesus), we have hope. By imagining what was in Yochahan’s mind as he interacted with the words of the Master, Messiah Yeshua, Rabbi Lumbroso has opened up the Book of the Revelation for perhaps the first time since the words were spoken to Yochanan.

Key Features

  • Examines the biblical text from a unique Messianic Jewish perspective
  • Provides insight into the Jewish context of the original composition of Scripture
  • Reconstructs the original historical and cultural setting of the Revelation


  • A Heavenly Visitor
  • Visiting The Throne Room
  • Heavenly Scroll
  • Seven Shofars Of Doom
  • Seven Bowls Of Wrath
  • A Union Set In Heaven
  • The Glory Of The Bride

Praise for the Print Edition

With the varying opinions about the book of Revelation, it’s a blessing to finally have a book that provides an understanding from a Messianic point of view.

—Joe Gonzalez, Radio Station Manager, Moody Radio

Skillfully expounded from an historical and traditional Jewish perspective. While there is much that can be unclear or unknown when trying to understand the Book of Revelation, Rabbi Gavri’el presents a plausible explanation to some of its mysteries.

—Rabbi Reuel Dillon, President of UMJA

His mastery of Hebrew brings a new look at this prophetic book. After reading it, you will not find doom and gloom, but joy. It refocuses our perspective on the coming of His Kingdom on earth.

—Corey Sylvester, Messianic Rabbi of Temple Aviv Judea, Fullerton, California

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Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso was born of a Sephardic Jewish family in Paris, France in 1958. Bar-Mitzvahed in 1973 at Jerusalem s Western Wall, he made aliyah to Israel a year later and continued his studies as an intern in a school for new immigrants near Ashkelon. That author now resides in the U.S. where he leads a small Messianic Jewish congregation, teaches youth in home schools, is a Hebrew instructor, and lectures on Messianic Judaism. Patrick and his wife, Christine, have six adult children. They compose, produce, and perform their original and traditional music together as a group called, The Lumbrosos.

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Digital list price: $15.99
Save $3.00 (18%)