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Sermons Preached in Lincoln’s Inn Chapel, Vol. II

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This book contains sermons from the First Sunday after Easter 1857 to the Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Trinity 1857: • The Faith of Protestants • The Faith of Catholics • The Faith of Englishmen • National Holiness • The Sacredness of Common Morality • The Ascension of Christ • Universality of the Whitsuntide Message • Conformity to the Mind of God • Steps to Faith in the Holy Trinity • The Bond of Peace • Christian Reverence and Subjection • The Apostle the Chief of Sinners • God’s Judgment and Our Judgment • Christ’s Death and Resurrection the Archetypes of Ours • How Sin pays, and How God Gives • The Fatherly Character of God the Only Ground of Repentance, Consolation, Hope • Christ, Not Christianity, the Deliverance of Mankind • Faith and Science United in the Work of the Missionary • A Straitened Faith and a Narrow Gospel not the Strait Gate and the Narrow Way of Christ • The Sealed Nation and the Universal Family • Its General Principle • Its Teaching Respecting Marriage • Its Teaching Respecting Forgiveness and Punishment

  • Title: Sermons Preached in Lincoln’s Inn Chapel, Vol. II
  • Author: Maurice, Frederick Denison
  • Publisher: Macmillan and Co.
  • Publication Date: 1891