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Psalm 119: The Exaltation of Torah

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The alphabetic acrostic is one of the most easily identifiable poetic forms in the Hebrew Bible. Examples can be found in prophetic discourse (Nahum), the lament over the destruction of Jerusalem (Lamentations), liturgical song (Psalms), and wisdom literature (Proverbs). Yet its obviousness has tended to deflect deeper exploration of its structure and purpose. Since Mowinckel denigrated the acrostics in the Psalms as a “disintegration of style,” too often scholars have ignored the form. There is no reason that alphabetic acrostics should be less creative, expressive, or complex than other psalms. The essays collected here investigate the acrostic format as a legitimate option for Israelite poets rather than as the refuge of the uninspired. In this volume, David Noel Freedman reveals the poets’ mastery of the demanding acrostic form and explains why it merits inclusion in future discussions of biblical poetic art.

  • Title: Psalm 119: The Exaltation of Torah
  • Author: David Noel Freedman
  • Series: Biblical and Judaic Studies from the University of California, San Diego
  • Volume: 6
  • Publisher: Eisenbrauns
  • Print Publication Date: 1999
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  • ISBN: 1575060388
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