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Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research: Volume 5, 2013

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ISBN: 9781625642462


The Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research (JBPR) is an international peer-reviewed academic serial dedicated to narrative- and rhetoric-minded exegesis of biblical and related texts. JBPR’s aim is to stimulate new thematic and narrative-critical exploration and discovery in both traditional and under-explored areas of research. This volume is edited by Paul Elbert. • Contents • Roger Stronstad: The Rebirth of Prophecy: Trajectories from Moses to Jesus and His Followers. • Richard Hicks: “Emotional” Temptation and Jesus’ Spiritual Victory at Markan Gethsemane. • Bart B. Bruehler: Reweaving the Texture of Luke 16:14–18. • Lyle Story: If This Man Were a Prophet He Would Have Known … (Luke 7:39). • Kenneth Berding: Who Searches Hearts and What Does He Know in Romans 8:27?. • Pieter De Vries: The Relationship between the Glory of YHWH and the Spirit of YHWH in the Book of Ezekiel—Part One. • Daniel F. Stramara Jr: Review of John Christopher Thomas, The Apocalypse: A Literary and Theological Commentary. • Jeffrey Brickle: Review of James A. Kelhoffer, Persecution, Persuasion and Power: Readiness to Withstand Hardship as a Corroboration of Legitimacy in the New Testament. • Pieter De Vries: Review of Kathleen M. Rochester, Prophetic Ministry in Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

  • Title: Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research: Volume 5, 2013
  • Author: Elbert, Paul
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2013