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The Church of God Digital Library, which includes some of Gospel Trumpet/Warner Press’ most popular works, provides an exciting understanding of the theology and spirituality that drives the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). This collection is the perfect combination of theologies, biographies, and commentaries for in-depth Bible study from a Church of God perspective.

Church of God Digital Library includes numerous authors who have contributed to the understanding of God’s call upon His church to holiness and unity. Many of these authors have spoken to the present-day thirst for an experiential relationship with God through salvation and sanctification. These works provide a tremendous understanding to biblical spirituality.

Interactivity and ease-of-use have increased with a fresh new format that guides the user through the entire software program. Read books, print study guide material, create word studies, reports, lists, and much more.

Key Features

  • Easily find the truths of God's Word through verse-by-verse teachings of the Bible
  • Customize searches, word studies, prayer lists, and your own Bible reading plan
  • What used to take hours of study and research can now be done in minutes!

Individual Titles

Boyce Blackwelder

  • Toward Understanding Thessalonians, 1965

Charles E. Brown

  • Dawn on the Mountains, 1931

Everett I Carver

  • The Body of Christ, The Church, 1968

Edward Foggs

  • Christ Compels Us!, 1996

Ronald Fowler

  • Revival Power, 1988

James E. Massey

  • The Hidden Disciplines, 1972

Robert Moss

  • Rediscover the Passion—the Promise—the Power, 1998

Gene W. Newberry

  • PRIMER for Young Christians, 1955

Arlo Newell

  • Receive the Holy Spirit: Expanded Ed., 2005

Pastors Fellowship

  • Herein We Stand Vol. 2, 2006

Benjamin Reid

  • Glory to the Spirit, 1990

Warren C. Roark

  • The More Abundant Life, 1942

J. Edgar Smith

  • Friendship Evangelism, 1959

John WV Smith

  • I Will Build My Church, 1985

Gilbert W. Stafford

  • Church of God at the Crossroads, 2000
  • Vision for the CHOG at the Crossroads, 2002

Marie Strong

  • A Commonsense Approach to the Book of Revelation, 1996

Product Details

  • Title: Church of God Digital Library Collection 11
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet/Warner Press