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Ninety-Six Sermons, Vol. 3

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Known as the “star of preachers,” Lancelot Andrewes was one of the foremost scholars and theologians during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I of England. So great was his command of language that he was appointed head of the committee that created the Authorized Version (or King James Version) of the Bible. After Andrewes’ death, King Charles I ordered that his sermons be collected and published. T. S. Eliot converted to Christianity (from Unitarianism) after reading these collected sermons. According to Eliot, “they rank with the finest English prose of their time, of any time.” Volume three contains “Sermons of the Resurrection” and “Sermons of the Sending of the Holy Ghost: Preached on Whit Sunday.”

  • Title: Ninety-Six Sermons, Vol. 3
  • Author: Andrewes, Lancelot
  • Publisher: John Henry Parker
  • Publication Date: 1841