Products>Mobile Ed: TH292 Critical Issues in Dispensationalism (6 hour course - audio)

Mobile Ed: TH292 Critical Issues in Dispensationalism (6 hour course - audio)

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In this course, Dr. Sanders dives deeper into the theology of dispensationalism and how dispensationalists interpret the Bible. Learn about the importance of biblical covenants such as the Mosaic, Abrahamic, and Davidic covenants. Examine opposing arguments on the nation of Israel—whether the Church replaces Israel and receives its promises, or whether Israel is distinct from the Church and will experience restoration in the future. Explore different ways of interpreting prophecy and eschatology and how our culture has been greatly impacted as a result.

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Course Outline

  • Dispensational Hermeneutics
  • The Covenants
  • Israel and the Church
  • Prophetic Fulfillment
  • Dispensationalism and Popular Culture
  • Dispensationalism, Pessimism and Social Ethics

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About Carl Sanders

Dr. Carl Sanders is an associate professor of theology at Lancaster Bible College’s Capital Bible Seminary. He has taught at college and seminary levels since 1999 at several schools: Bethel University (St. Paul, Minnesota), Northwestern College (St. Paul, Minnesota), and Washington Bible College in Washington, DC, where he also served as chair of the Bible and theology department (2003–2012).

Dr. Sanders is well liked by his students for his down-to-earth presentation of Bible doctrine. Students quickly learn that he enjoys talking about theology and has a quick wit. Among his strengths as a lecturer are his ability to distill information to essential elements, as well as his good-natured way of fairly explaining differences in theological positions. Dr. Sanders has a keen interest in urban ministry and has served for many years in racially diverse urban congregations. His interest in local-church experience helps him practice theology in ways that reflect the diversity present in the body of Christ. He strives to make theology interesting and practical.