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Mobile Ed: NT391 Hospitality in the New Testament (6 hour course - audio)

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What does hospitality look like for the authors of the New Testament? Dr. Joshua Jipp presents the biblical concept of hospitality through a thorough examination of the relevant literature in Luke-Acts, the Gospel of John, and the Pauline Letters. The course begins by exploring the ancient background of hospitality as practiced in the Graeco-Roman world and ancient Israel. Dr. Jipp pays particular attention to Jesus because the hospitality that he practiced, as both guest and host, became the exemplar for the apostles and the early church, and should be the model that the church exhibits today. Jipp’s masterful study of a common, yet understudied, theme in the New Testament is highly organized, exegetically sound, and theologically stimulating, thus giving this course great potential for application in the local church and beyond.

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Course Outline


  • Introducing the Speaker
  • Defining Hospitality

Unit 1: The Historical Context of Hospitality

  • Overview
  • Homer’s Odyssey
  • Dio Chrysostom’s The Hunter
  • Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”
  • Synthesis of Graeco-Roman Sources
  • Hospitality in the OT
  • Abraham’s Hospitality
  • Lot and the Sodomites
  • The Immigrant Patriarchs
  • The Torah and Hospitality
  • Synthetic Comments on Hospitality

Unit 2: Hospitality in Luke’s Gospel

  • Overview
  • Review of Divine Visitations
  • Jesus the Agent of God
  • Jesus the Journeying Stranger
  • Simon and the Sinful Woman
  • Inhospitality in a Samaritan Village
  • Hospitality to the Galilean Households
  • The Hospitality of Israel’s Religious Leaders
  • The Hospitality of Mary and Martha
  • The Hospitality of Zacchaeus
  • Jesus the Divine Host
  • The Eschatological Banquet
  • The Messiah’s Food
  • Jesus Proclaims Yahweh’s Welcome
  • Feeding the Multitudes
  • Eating with Sinners
  • The Last Supper
  • The Guest Becomes Host
  • Synthesis of Jesus as Host
  • The Disciples’ Hospitality Mission
  • Jesus’ Agents and Emissaries
  • Who Inherits Eternal Life?
  • Eating Bread in God’s Kingdom
  • Who Are Abraham’s True Descendants?
  • The Economies of Two Kingdoms

Unit 3: Hospitality in Acts

  • Overview
  • Meals in the Early Church
  • The Meals of the Church
  • The Inclusion of the Gentiles
  • Creating a Sacred Household
  • The Conclusion of Acts
  • Concluding Comments on Luke-Acts

Unit 4: Hospitality in John’s Gospel

  • Overview
  • Divine Revelation and Human Recognition
  • Jesus as Heavenly Stranger
  • Providing New Covenant Wine
  • Providing Living Water
  • Providing Bread of Life
  • The Foot Washing

Unit 5: Hospitality in Paul

  • Overview
  • Meals in Corinth
  • Celebrating Jesus’ Hospitality
  • Implementing Jesus’ Hospitality
  • Hospitality in Paul’s Mission
  • Hospitality in Romans
  • The Roman Church’s Hospitality
  • Unity and Creating Kinship


  • Concluding Comments

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Joshua Jipp

Dr. Joshua Jipp has taught New Testament in a variety of settings, including as a teaching fellow at TEDS, before joining the faculty at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He enjoys baseball, basketball, hiking outdoors, and spending time with his wife, Amber, and their two sons. His most recent scholarly work includes Paul’s Areopagus Speech of Acts 17:16–34 as Both Critique and Propaganda in theJournal of Biblical Literature, and Divine Visitations and Hospitality to Strangers in Luke–Acts: An Interpretation of the Malta Episode in Acts 28:1–10 (Brill). He’s currently working on a book on Pauline Christology for Fortress Press and the Two Horizons Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles for Eerdmans.