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Mobile Ed: LD111 Foundations of Christian Leadership (audio)

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LD111 Foundations of Christian Leadership is presented by a team of six respected Mobile Ed speakers—Justin Irving, Greg Ogden, Bev Hislop, Jeff Struecker, Michael W. Goheen, and Timothy Sisk—who write and teach on leadership, discipleship, pastoral care, chaplaincy, missiology, and church planting. This course introduces Christian leadership, insights on how to grow as a leader and disciple leaders, and leadership across the contexts of chaplaincy, shepherding women, and the mission field.

This is the audio only version of LD111 Foundations of Christian Leadership. To purchase the full course, [[product product-id="144548" caption="click here"]].

Course Outline


  • Introducing the Course

Unit 1: Introduction to Christian Leadership

  • Why Leadership? Why Now? (from LD101)
  • Importance of Leadership (from PC101)
  • Components of Effective Teams (from LD201)
  • Leadership Training (from PC101)
  • Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership (from LD202)

Unit 2: Discipling Church Leaders

  • Focus on a Few: Internalization (from ED101)
  • Focus on a Few: Multiplication (from ED101)
  • Sharing the Leadership (from ED201)

Unit 3: Shepherding Women

  • What Makes a Good Shepherd? (from PC131)
  • Women as Shepherds (from PC131)
  • Effective Biblical Shepherding (from PC131)

Unit 4: Leading as a Chaplain

  • What Is Chaplaincy? (from PC171)
  • Traits of a Chaplain (from PC172)

Unit 5: Leading on the Mission Field

  • Leading in Different Cultures or Communities (from MI201)
  • Characteristics of a Successful Church Planter, Part 1 (from MI201)
  • Characteristics of a Successful Church Planter, Part 2 (from MI201)

Unit 6: Growing as a Leader

  • Biblical Foundations for Self-Leadership (from LD101)
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence (from LD102)
  • The Dark Side of Leadership (from LD102)
  • Spiritual Gifts (from LD102)


  • Leaving a Legacy (from ED101)

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