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Mobile Ed: LD101 Introducing Ministry Leadership (9 hour course - audio)

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In LD101, Dr. Irving introduces the critical subject of ministry leadership. Effective leadership is an essential component of any healthy organization, but what makes ministry leadership unique? In addition to providing surveys of contemporary leadership theories and obstacles to effective leadership, Dr. Irving explains the uniquely Christian approach to leadership, offering biblical examples from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. This course also demonstrates how the radical nature of servant leadership can transform your ministry.

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Course Outline


  • Introducing the Course

Unit 1: Christian Leadership

  • Why Leadership? Why Now?
  • What Is Christian Leadership?
  • The Example of Servant Leadership
  • The Power of Servant Leadership
  • Considering Godly Leaders
  • Joshua: Leadership in Early Life
  • Joshua: Tested and Proven Leadership
  • Joshua: Called and Courageous Leadership
  • Joshua: Failure in Leadership
  • Joshua: A Leader’s Legacy
  • Leadership and Management
  • Vision Casting
  • Vision: Destination and Path
  • Understanding Our Times
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Cultural Differences

Unit 2: Frameworks for Ministry Leadership

  • Purpose in Leadership
  • Holistic Leadership
  • Focusing on Goals
  • Focusing on Followers
  • A Biblical Model of Servant Leadership
  • Contemporary Models of Servant Leadership
  • Leading from the Inside Out
  • A Model for Servant Leadership: Begin with Authentic Leaders
  • A Model for Servant Leadership: Understand the Priority of People
  • A Model for Servant Leadership: Help Followers Navigate toward Effectiveness
  • Servant Leadership: John 13
  • Focusing on Purpose

Unit 3: Self-Leadership

  • Biblical Foundations for Self-Leadership
  • Values and Virtues
  • The Dark Side of Leadership
  • Leadership Emergence Theory
  • Self-Differentiation and Resiliency
  • Prioritizing Goals
  • Handling Conflict
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Myers-Briggs Personality Types
  • Strengths-Based Leadership Instrument

Unit 4: Leading Individuals

  • Historical Survey of Leadership Theories
  • Contingency and Situational Leadership
  • Other Types of Leadership

Unit 5: Leading Teams and Groups

  • Shared Leadership
  • Teams and Groups
  • Effective Team Members
  • Effective Team Relationships
  • Effective Team Development
  • Effective Team Leaders
  • Effective Team Diagnosis
  • Team Dimensions and Dysfunctions

Unit 6: Leading Organizations

  • Introduction to Organizational Leadership
  • Attitudes and Approaches of Organizational Leaders: Theories X and Y
  • Attitudes and Approaches of Organizational Leaders: Theory Z
  • Adapting to Shifting Paradigms
  • Applying Systems Thinking to Organizational Leadership
  • Organizational Roles
  • Communication Competencies for Leaders
  • Level 5 Leadership
  • Origins of Level 5 Leadership
  • The Path to Excellence
  • Leading as a Change Agent
  • Leadership in Emergent Self-Organization
  • Reimagining the Church
  • A Four-Frame Model of Organizations
  • Priority of Culture


  • Leading with Purpose
  • Course Summary and Challenge

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About Justin Irving

Dr. Justin Irving is the director of the doctor of ministry program and professor of ministry leadership at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dr. Irving has served as a worship leader and a pastor of leadership development and outreach in the local church. He has focused his writing and research on servant leadership, team leadership in the global context, self-sacrificial leadership, and the relationship between servant leadership and the effectiveness of teams in diverse ethno-linguistic communities.