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Mobile Ed: CO201 Counseling for Marriages and Family (5 hour course - audio)

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Marriage counseling and working with families is one of the greatest things that we can do to help guide people toward Christ in their relationships. There is nothing more rich and rewarding than being able to spend a sacred moment with a couple and to help them turn around and get headed toward a better marriage, but it is also an arduous journey together. In CO201, Dr. Zink explores what a good marriage looks like and wrestles with understanding relationships more deeply. From premarital counseling to what marriage ministry in the church looks like, Dr. Zink demonstrates how you can be a better counselor to couples.

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Course Outline


  • Introducing the Course

Unit 1: The Good Marriage

  • What Is Marriage?
  • A Firmly Rooted Relationship
  • A Unique Foundation
  • A Unique Purpose
  • A Unique Goal
  • A Uniquely Intense Reality

Unit 2: Family Systems Theory

  • Understanding Relationships
  • Connection
  • Differentiation of Self: Part 1
  • Differentiation of Self: Part 2
  • Growing Our Differentiation
  • Over-Functioning and Under-Functioning
  • Positions in Relationships
  • Relationship Triangles
  • Family Secrets
  • Watching the Process

Unit 3: Common Issues in Marriage Counseling

  • Issues and Their Deeper Issues
  • Counseling through Conflict
  • Sexual Issues in Marriage
  • Infidelity in Marriage

Unit 4: Premarital Counseling

  • Dating: Part 1
  • Dating: Part 2
  • Preparing Couples for Marriage: Part 1
  • Preparing Couples for Marriage: Part 2
  • Preparing Couples for Marriage: Part 3

Unit 5: Approaches to Helping Couples

  • A Framework for Couples Counseling: Part 1
  • A Framework for Couples Counseling: Part 2
  • Seven Conversations: Hold Me Tight
  • Seven Conversations: Recognizing the Demon Dialogues
  • Seven Conversations: Finding the Raw Spots and Revisiting a Rocky Moment
  • Seven Conversations: Forgiving Injuries
  • Seven Conversations: Bonding through Sex and Touch, and Keeping Your Love Alive

Unit 6: Marriage Ministry in the Church

  • How Can Churches Serve Marriages?
  • Counseling as a Couple
  • Surviving as a Marriage Counselor


  • Concluding the Course

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About Dan Zink

Dan Zink joined the full-time faculty of Covenant Theological Seminary in 1995 after serving for five years as adjunct professor in counseling and director of student services and for eleven years as a family counselor, case-worker, and supervisor of public children’s services. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Zink was the founding director and a five-year head of New Hope Counseling Services, a ministry of Chesterfield Presbyterian Church in Missouri. He has also been involved in the Christian education programs of four churches and has served as an assistant pastor. His doctoral research focused on marriages of adult children of divorce. Dr. Zink and his wife, Carolanne, have two children.