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Mobile Ed: CM103 Invitation to Biblical Preaching II: Preaching Biblical Sermons (audio)
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Mobile Ed: CM103 Invitation to Biblical Preaching II: Preaching Biblical Sermons (audio)


Lexham Press 2015

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.


After looking at the reasons for preaching in Invitation to Biblical Preaching I, Dr. J. Kent Edwards walks through the important aspects of sermon preparation. Edwards moves from exegesis to exposition, showing students how they can apply the original context of Scripture to the context of their congregations. He also covers important presentation and delivery aspects of preaching like word choices, intonation, and nonverbal signals. This course will give you the tools you need to prepare and deliver biblical sermons.

This is the audio only version of Invitation to Biblical Preaching II: Preaching Biblical Sermons . To purchase the full course, click here.


  • Introducing the Speaker and the Course

Unit 1: How to Create a Sermon

  • Overview: Kent’s Story
  • The Power of an Idea
  • Two Parts of Preaching
  • Gathering Tools for the Exegetical Task
  • The Anatomy of an Idea
  • Practicing a Big Idea
  • A Metaphor for Finding the Big Idea
  • Creating a Customized Layout for Sermon Preparation
  • Practicing on Your Own
  • Creating a Devotional Schedule and Recording Notes
  • The Ladder of Abstraction
  • Practicing the Ladder of Abstraction
  • More Practice: The Lazy in Proverbs 24
  • More Practice: The Gospel of Luke
  • More Practice: A Good Name in Proverbs 22
  • More Practice: Miscellaneous Proverbs
  • Analyzing the Structure of Hebrew Poetry
  • More Practice: Business in James
  • More Practice: A Fresh Look at John 3:16
  • Using the Timeline to See a Passage’s Historical Context
  • More Practice: God’s Care in Psalm 121
  • Finding Old Testament Quotations or Allusions in New Testament Passages

Unit 2: How to Preach a Sermon

  • The Approach of the Biblical Writers
  • An Example: Paul’s Communication
  • Researching New Testament Topics in Extrabiblical Literature
  • The Big Idea and Your Audience
  • Bringing Biblical Ideas to the 21st Century
  • Turning One Big Idea into Three Ideas
  • The Three Ideas in Deuteronomy 22:8
  • The Three Ideas in 1 Peter 1:3–6
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Unit 3: The Role of the Holy Spirit

  • The Third Component of Preaching
  • The Explosive Growth of the Early Church
  • Finding Every Reference to the Holy Spirit in Acts
  • The Apostolic Secret to Preaching
  • Human Limitations
  • Exegesis and Illumination
  • Five “Closet” Questions
  • Finding Time for the “Closet”

Unit 4: The Homiletics of a Sermon

  • An Overview of the Rules
  • The Structure of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount
  • Making an Outline
  • Creating Sermon Outlines in Logos
  • Outlining an Epistle (Rom 5:1–5)
  • Transitions
  • Organizing Your Material: A-B-C-A
  • A: Restate the Point
  • B: Image the Truth
  • C: Deal with Objections
  • Imaging the Truth: Videos and Illustrations
  • Imaging the Truth: Metaphors
  • Metaphor Illustrated
  • Finding Metaphors
  • Conclusions
  • Introductions
  • Applications, Part 1
  • Applications, Part 2
  • Presentation and Delivery, Part 1
  • Presentation and Delivery, Part 2


  • Fanning the Flame
  • Creating Your Own Searchable Sermon Library

Dr. J. Kent Edwards (MDiv, DMin, PhD) is the tenured professor of preaching and leadership at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; the founding pastor of Oasis Community Church in Yorba Linda, California; and the founder and president of CrossTalk Global. Dr. Edwards is known for his passion for preaching, and brings over 30 years of Christian leadership experience, both as a senior pastor and a church planter. He is a popular conference speaker, the founder of The Journal of Christian Ministry, and the author of the award-winning books Effective First-Person Biblical Preaching and Deep Preaching.