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Samaritans and Early Judaism: A Literary Analysis

ISBN: 9781841270722


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In The Samaritans and Early Judaism, Ingrid Hjelm examines the various ancient sources mentioning Samaritans, dating from the Persian period to well into the Roman period and emanating from Jewish, Christian, Hellenistic and Samaritan circles. She addresses those issues that can be related to a possible Samaritan-Judean conflict, and special attention is given to questions about temple, high priests, Levites and prophets, as well as Shechem and Heliopolis. In this radical new investigation, Hjelm points out anachronisms in both the ancient writers and our reading of them and proposes a new understanding of the formation of both Samaritanism and Judaism.

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Key Features

  • Examination of Jewish history and historiography
  • Studies of chronological inconsistency via early sources
  • All Scripture references are linked to Hebrew texts and English Bible translations in your library

Product Details

  • Title: Samaritans and Early Judaism: A Literary Analysis
  • Author: Ingrid Hjelm
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 320

Ingrid Hjelm is Research Associate at the Carsten Niebuhr Institute of Near Eastern Studies and the Department of Biblical Studies, University of Copenhagen. She is also the author of Jerusalem’s Rise to Sovereignty: Zion and Gerizim in Competition in the History of Jerusalem Collection.


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Digital list price: $34.99
Save $9.00 (25%)