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Products>The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary: Micah

The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary: Micah

Format: Digital
, 2017
ISBN: 9780802865137


Readers of the book of Micah learn a great deal about God: he is a mighty God who controls the nations, yet he is also concerned with everyday matters like equity, poverty, and care for widows and orphans. In presenting this transcendent-yet-immanent God, Micah’s message revolves around themes of justice, judgment, and salvation that continue to carry great significance today.

In this theological commentary on the book of Micah, Stephen Dempster places the text in conversation with the larger story of Scripture. After discussing questions of structure and authorship in his introduction, Dempster systematically works through the text, drawing links to the broader biblical story throughout. In the second part of his commentary, Dempster offers theological discussion that further explicates the most significant themes in Micah and their applicability to today’s Christians.

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Key Features

  • Features theological exegesis and reflection
  • Asks, “What does this book contribute to biblical theology today?”
  • Examines the text within its cultural, scriptural, and historical context


Introduction to the Book of Micah

  • The Prophet and His Times
  • The Oracles and Their Structure
  • Authorship, Date, and History of Interpretation
  • Structure
  • Composition
  • Theological Interpretation
  • Poetic Structure
  • Discourse
  • Text
  • Micah’s Place in the Minor Prophets (The Twelve)


  • Prophetic Superscription (1:1)
  • Judgment and Salvation I (1:2–2:13)
    • Topography of Terror: Impending Doom of Samaria and Jerusalem (1:2–16)
    • Dead Men Walking: Cause of Judgment and Exile (2:1–11)
    • Breakthrough: A New Theophany (2:12–13)
  • Judgment and Salvation II (3:1–5:15)
    • Judgment on the Present Jerusalem (3:1–12)
    • Future Glory of Jerusalem and Temple (4:1–5)
    • Pathway to Glory (4:6–5:15)
  • Judgment and Salvation III (6:1–7:20)
    • True Worship: Justice, Mercy, and Walking with God (6:1–8)
    • Judgment on Injustice (6:9–16)
    • Total Corruption of the Nation (7:1–7)
    • Israel’s Hope in Yahweh’s Grace (7:8–20)

Theological Themes of Micah

  • Micah’s Vision of God
  • Divine Name and Israelite Credo
  • God and the Nations
  • Justice
  • Land
  • Temple
  • Messiah
  • Worship
  • True and False Prophecy
  • Remnant

Micah’s Contribution to Biblical Theology

Micah’s Relevance to Present-Day Theological Issues

  • Doctrine of God
  • Modern Ministry and the Role of a Spiritual Leader
  • Cheap Grace
  • Justice
  • Idolatry, Covetousness, and Injustice
  • Peace

Product Details

About Stephen G. Dempster

Stephen G. Dempster is professor of religious studies at Crandall University, Moncton, New Brunswick.

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