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Deuteronomy 1–21:9, Revised Edition (Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 6A | WBC)

ISBN: 9781418503543


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For centuries the book of Deuteronomy has been studied as a compilation of three sermons followed by three appendices. In his penetrating new study of this fifth book of the Pentateuch, Duane Christensen argues that “Deuteronomy is best explained as a didactic poem, composed to be recited publicly to music in ancient Israel within a liturgical setting.” Christensen calls readers to understand Deuteronomy not only as an ancient code of Hebraic law but rather as “a work of extraordinary literary coherence, poetic beauty, and political sophistication.” Christensen's fresh look at this ancient book immerses the reader in a probing analysis of the literary, theological, and social issues in the world of Moses' day. Organized for easy reference, Word Biblical commentaries make an ideal companion for your Bible study whether you are studying a single passage or a complete biblical book.

The Word Biblical Commentary delivers the best in biblical scholarship, from the leading scholars of our day who share a commitment to Scripture as divine revelation. This series emphasizes a thorough analysis of textual, linguistic, structural, and theological evidence. The result is judicious and balanced insight into the meanings of the text in the framework of biblical theology. These widely acclaimed commentaries serve as exceptional resources for the professional theologian and instructor, the seminary or university student, the working minister, and everyone concerned with building theological understanding from a solid base of biblical scholarship.

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  • Introduction—covers issues pertaining to the whole book, including context, date, authorship, composition, interpretive issues, purpose, and theology.

Each section of the commentary includes:

  • Pericope Bibliography—a helpful resource containing the most important works that pertain to each particular pericope.
  • Translation—the author’s own translation of the biblical text, reflecting the end result of exegesis and attending to Hebrew and Greek idiomatic usage of words, phrases, and tenses, yet in reasonably good English.
  • Notes—the author’s notes to the translation that address any textual variants, grammatical forms, syntactical constructions, basic meanings of words, and problems of translation.
  • Form/Structure/Setting—a discussion of redaction, genre, sources, and tradition as they concern the origin of the pericope, its canonical form, and its relation to the biblical and extra-biblical contexts in order to illuminate the structure and character of the pericope. Rhetorical or compositional features important to understanding the passage are also introduced here.
  • Comment—verse-by-verse interpretation of the text and dialogue with other interpreters, engaging with current opinion and scholarly research.
  • Explanation—brings together all the results of the discussion in previous sections to expose the meaning and intention of the text at several levels: (1) within the context of the book itself; (2) its meaning in the OT or NT; (3) its place in the entire canon; (4) theological relevance to broader OT or NT issues.
  • General Bibliography—occurring at the end of each volume, this extensive bibliographycontains all sources used anywhere in the commentary.
  • Title: Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 6A: Deuteronomy 1:1–21:9, Revised
  • Author: Duane L. Christensen
  • Series: Word Biblical Commentary
  • Volume: 6A
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Print Publication Date: 2001
  • Logos Release Date: 2002
  • Pages: 576
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Bible › Commentaries--Collected works; Bible. O.T. Deuteronomy › Commentaries
  • ISBN: 9781418503543
  • Resource ID: LLS:29.10.1
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-02-11T15:28:01Z

Duane L. Christensen (1938–2013) was the former professor of Old Testament languages and literature, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. He was also president of the BIBAL Corporation, promoting biblical literature study. He is the author of several commentaries, including Deuteronomy 1–21:9 and Deuteronomy 21:10–34:12 from the Word Biblical Commentary, and Nahum from the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary.


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