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The Unseen Realm Bundle (12 vols.)


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The Complete Unseen Realm Experience

Michael Heiser shines a light on the supernatural world—not a new light, but rather the same light the original, ancient readers—and writers—of Scripture would have seen it in, given their historical and cultural milieu. This light allows today’s pastors and scholars to understand the biblical authors’ supernatural worldview. Get an unfiltered look at what the Bible really says about the unseen world, unfiltered by tradition or by theological presuppositions.

This 12-volume bundle includes The Unseen Realm, Supernatural, Angels and Demons as well as their audiobooks. Take your study even further with four additional study resources, I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible, The Bible Unfiltered, The Unseen Realm: A Question & Answer Companion and Supernatural: A Study Guide. These resources are perfect for personal devotion or small group study as they guide you through exploring the supernatural worldview of the Bible.

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  • Title: The Unseen Realm Bundle
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Volumes: 12
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  1. Josh Lotzenhiser
  2. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith


  3. Sherman Garner

    Sherman Garner


  4. Alvis



  5. Robert J Richardson
  6. Tommar Franklin
    I already own the book Supernatural. Why is it that when I look at this bundle, it displays the price of the book as if it were unowned?

  7. Rick Cannan

    Rick Cannan


  8. Ron Martinez

    Ron Martinez


    Im saving up to get the package, but for now I'll read unseen through Kindle and listen through Copy, past the stuff I want into Logos notes...

  9. Wayne Johnson
    Awesome alternative view of the OT--- to replace an almost unknown view previously untaught by millions of pastors, as if the OT and NT are different books written by different authors---- because most people think there are two different wrong---- to say I don't like the mean, violent God of the OT, but I like Jesus instead!! How stupid, for they are the same.... Thanks Michael for settiing us straight!! Jesus always was the God of the OT, our Creator in the first place! Amen!

  10. David J. Wilson


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