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Postcolonial Practice of Ministry: Leadership, Liturgy, and Interfaith Engagement


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Postcolonial studies has challenged the Eurocentric frameworks and methodologies in the fields of biblical studies and theology. Postcolonial Practice of Ministry is a groundbreaking anthology that enables a new engagement between postcolonial and practical theologies, focused on three key areas of the practice of ministry: pastoral leadership, liturgical celebration, and interfaith engagement.

Postcolonial Practice of Ministry will make an impact in at least two areas of theological reflection: first, among postcolonial scholars, it will stretch postcolonial theology into an area where it has been neglected; second, it will provide a comprehensive resource for rethinking the practice of ministry. Contributors to this volume are well-known scholars from different racial, national, and denominational backgrounds, bringing with them experiences of hybrid identities and multicultural churches. Many of them are pioneers in introducing postcolonial discourse to their fields.

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Introduction: Postcolonial Practice of Ministry, Stephen Burns

I. Pastoral Leadership
1. “Borrowed Clothes Will Never Keep You Warm”: Postcolonializing Pastoral Leadership,
Emmanuel Yartekwei Lartey
2. Literacies of Listening: Postcolonial Pastoral Leadership in Practice,
Melinda A. McGarrah Sharp
3. Metropolitan Community Church as Messy Space for Revisioning the Other Side of Pastoral Ministry,
Mona West
4. In Conversation: Womanist/Postcolonial/Pastoral,
Stephanie Mitchem

II. Liturgical Celebration
5. Postcolonial Practices on Eucharist,
HyeRan Kim-Cragg
6. Table Habits, Liturgical
Pelau, and Displacing Conversation: A Postcolonial Excursion, Michael N. Jagessar
7. Prayer Books, Postcolonialism, Power, and Politics: Some Thoughts from an Antipodean Indigenous Laywoman,
Jenny Te Paa Daniel
8. Church Music in Postcolonial Liturgical Celebration,
Lim Swee Hong
9. Praying Each Other’s Prayers: An Interreligious Dialogue,
Cláudio Carvalhaes

III. Interfaith Collaboration
10. Postcolonial Interreligious Learning: A Reflection from a North American Christian Perspective,
Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
11. Dynamics of Interfaith Collaborations in Postcolonial Asia: Prospects and Opportunities,
Jonathan Y. Tan
12. Postcolonializing “Mission-Shaped Church”: The Church of England and Postcolonial Diversity,
Jenny Daggers
13. Womanist Interfaith Dialogue: Inter, Intra, and All the Spaces in Between,
Melanie L. Harris

Kwok Pui-lan

This book was helpful for me as I continue to explore the implications of postcolonial theory in ministry and practical theology. The useful bibliographies point the reader to recent important contributions in these fields. As any good scholarship does, this book not only answered questions for me, but it also gave me new questions to pose.... I recommend this book to both scholars and practitioners who care about how to minister to all people.

The book offers a vision for a contemporary church facing issues of globalization and pluralization, a church committed to a renewed repentance for what in our own Christian history has torn at and disrupted the missio Dei which humans collaborate in. It is written for pastors, for teachers, for seminarians, for those committed to exploring new models of liturgy, new models of leadership, and new models of interfaith dialogue. Every seminary library should own it, and every church leader looking forward to the next decades of church life should find a way to check it out.

Postcolonial Practice of Ministry is most helpful in making postcolonial thought relevant to theology, worship, and pastoral practice. . . . I strongly recommend it the readers of Worship.

Postcolonial Practice of Ministry is a first and much-needed anthology that offers the lens of postcolonial perspectives to inform and revise practices of ministry such as care, liturgy, and interfaith collaboration. The editors’ introduction and epilogue offer an engaging orientation to postcolonial thought. Each chapter is an invitation on the journey of decolonizing our Western minds and hearts to imagine more expansively practices of ministry and theological wisdom shaped by the authenticity of our global diversity. I welcome the availability of this resource.

A truly landmark volume! And a book absolutely essential for moving postcolonial ‘theory’ beyond the hallowed halls of the Western academy and into the world. This wonderful collection weds two endeavors—postcolonial theology and practical theology—to disrupt colonization and imperialism on the ground and portray what a de-colonizing Christian theology and faith might look like in everyday life, religious practices, and ministry.

Product Details

  • Title : Postcolonial Practice of Ministry: Leadership, Liturgy, and Interfaith Engagement
  • Authors:
    • Pui-lan, Kwok
    • Burns, Stephen
    • Burns, Stephen
    • Lartey, Emmanuel Yartekwei
    • McGarrah Sharp, Melinda A.
    • West, Mona
    • Mitchem, Stephanie
    • Kim-Cragg, HyeRan
    • Jagessar, Michael N.
    • Te Paa Daniel, Jenny
    • Swee Hong, Lim
    • Carvalhaes, Cláudio
    • Kujawa-Holbrook, Sheryl A.
    • Tan, Jonathan Y.
    • Daggers, Jenny
    • Pui-lan, Kwok
  • Publisher: Lexington Books
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • ISBN: 9781498534499

Kwok Pui-lan is William F. Cole Professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

StephenBurns is Stewart Distinguished Lecturer in Liturgical and Practical Theology, co-coordinator of ministerial formation, and associate dean of Trinity College Theological School, University of Melbourne, Australia.


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    Digital list price: $99.50
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