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Worship Leader, November/December 2005, p. 72

The Library of Christian Worship on CD-ROM

Editor Robert Webber
Logos Bible Software

Remember the entire twelve-foot wall it used to take to house your family’s encyclopedia collection? Rummaging through entire books looking for a word that started with the letters “nu” coming to the end of the book and finding out that your volume was only “nh-ns.” Then, came the CD-ROM. There have always been folks leery of a paperless society, but not at Britannica. And they were right.

Another good decision of similar effect has been made: Robert Webber’s creative oeuvre of collected worship resources, The Library of Christian Worship is now available on disc. And the thing is bursting with information on worship—spanning from things you know you need to know, all the way to those smallest details that you never imagined you needed to know about worship.

But the best thing about this version of Webber’s work is the little hand that shows up when your curser floats across the screen. You know what that little pointer finger means—it means you’ve got a link on your hands. Bible references, intra-library information references, table of content click throughs, everything historical, biblical and cultural connected for your scholastic browsing pleasure.

Any step toward putting a large series of books on CD-ROM is a step in the right direction. In comparison to what the world encyclopedias have done, the software version of this exhaustive and excellent series wears a slightly more academic face. There are no bright colorful pictures or video messages, but that can be overlooked. The idea is so good and the application meets so many requirements, this is definitely a resource that every pastor and worship leader should add to their software library.

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