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Vital Signs, October 2006, Vol. 3 No. 1, p. 3

Logos Bible Software

by Stan Rieb, Director of Operations & Communications, CBAmerica

I recently read of a new version of Logos Bible Software.  It sounded intriguing and having had a limited, but positive exposure to the program several years ago, I asked if I might review this newest version for CBAmerica. 

Let me first say that if you want a more detailed and technical review of the program please check out the review in the August 2006 online edition of Christian Computing Magazine (

Several things impress me about version 3 of the Logos Bible Software, and with this limited space, I would like to share a few of my observations with you.

The first thing that impressed me is the ease of use.  I have purchased a lot of software under the enticement that it was user friendly, only to find out that they were not speaking to me.  While I am convinced that I have only begun to explore the depth and breadth of resources of this program, I was able to begin using it productively within a few minutes.  The Bible Study Starter link on the home page gives you the choice of doing a bible passage, a word or a topic study.  Once you have selected the appropriate passage, word or topic the Logos Bible software searches the library of books on your hard drive to discover all the related material. Logos offers a variety of products to meet the interest of its customers, from the Christian Home Library at a retail price of approximately $150 to the Scholar’s Library: Gold at less than $1400. You will want to check out their website ( to determine which product and price range might work for you.

The second observation is accessibility. Imagine being able to search your library from the ease of your desktop or laptop.  I have the Scholar’s Library edition and I appreciate the number and quality of the books in the version.  With the Logos Bible Software, and programs like it, you have the ease of importing material into a word document and having it instantly footnoted. In this mobile age you can take your library with you when you travel, or even when you want to visit the local Starbucks to get away from the phone.

The last point I would make is that the Logos library additional books offers extensive expandability to the program. The Logos library has to be one of the largest available in the electronic media.  From critical commentaries to devotional material, it is all available to you.  The books are not always discounted heavily from the print version, but once they are placed on your computer you are able to resource them with the rest of your Logos library.   Additionally, Logos seems to be adding new books to their catalog daily, and through a program they call Pre-Pub you can get discounts on books that are in development.

I have always perceived books as an investment in the tools of my trade. While the Logos Bible Software is not an inexpensive tool, it is an effective one.  It has the potential for easy expansion tailored to your interest and needs.

You can check out an expanded review at our website,

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