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Religious Studies Review
, April 2003 (Vol 29, No 2), p. 194

Third edition (BDAG).

By Walter Bauer. Edited and revised by Frederick William Danker.
Libronix Digital Library System CD-ROM edition. Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 2002. $125.00, ISBN 0-226-03933-1.

The BDAG lexicon (reviewed in RSR 27 [2001]: 408) is now available on CD-ROM, permitting access to its rich contents ( —viewable on screen in the same familiar layout as the print edition—in a fully searchable format that incorporates additional features unique to the CD-ROM version. E.g., if an entry references another word in the lexicon, placing the cursor on the cross-referenced word will cause its entry to pop up. Also, placing the cursor on any abbreviation brings up the full term or phrase—helpful for new users. The search function facilitates sophisticated searches of the entire text or parts thereof (such as the extended definitions or translation equivalents). One can also locate information not quickly found in the print format: e.g., the fifty references to the Gospel of Thomas, or the thirty-three articles in which the label "hapax legomenon" occurs. Fully functional as a stand-alone product, the CD can be integrated with other Libronix products, such as the Original Language Library. E.g., right-clicking on a word in a morphologically tagged text in the OLL (such as Nestle-Aland27) brings up its BDAG entry. In all, an excellent alternative format with distinct advantages that many will prefer to the print version.

Michael W. Holmes
Bethel College

© 2003 by Religious Studies Review. Used by permission.