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Medina County Gazette, August 30, p. C6

Logos Bible Software Series X user-friendly

by Kathy Ames, staff writer

Don't let the packet of CDs intimidate you. The Logos Bible Software Series X is as user-friendly as your desktop solitaire game.

The prerequisites? Know how to click and move your mouse.

This Bible software is void of visual noise. Scholars, ministers or students will find its home page easy to read and easy to follow. And it saves time.   

So, once the software is installed and activated, you are ready to maneuver through the program.   

The home page is marked with links to additional publications (this is where your other CDs and a credit card come in handy). The different CDs allow you to copy electronic books to your hard drive for easy access.

It also has links to a Bible reading plan, the book of the day and Logos news.

You can learn where and what the Dead Sea is, what it looks like and its history in the time it takes to start your car.

The home page allows you to begin your search by either searching for a specific passage, typing in your topic or searching by topic title.

To begin a general search, type in "Dead Sea" and in the library you will receive a list of Bibles and/or reference books in which this word is found. For example, click on the Harper's Bible Dictionary link.

The software will give you a brief explanation of what and where the Dead Sea is. Within the narration, Bible passages are highlighted to indicate where the topic also can be found. A map is provided at the end of the narration.

A search of "Church of the Holy Sepulchure" yields not just a narrative but a color photo beneath the text.

Follow the example under "Passage Guide" link and type in "John 1:1." The passage appears as well as a box that displays commentaries, collections, parallel passages, music, maps and cross references about this passage. You can select any of all of these by just checking the box next to each item.

The parallel Bible versions report lets you display a specific passage in as many Bible translations or versions as you'd like.

If you follow the example and type in "John 1:1" again, selecting "Bible and commentary" beneath the passage guide link, the search will, of course, yield a passage and a commentary.

The commentary dissects meaning within the selected passage. It takes a more philosophical approach, but it explains the passage in plain English.

The passage study search also allows you to select by passage guide, word study guide and Bible only. Just click onto either of these boxes after entering your passage search.

The Bible software also allows you to personalize your workspace and your search. You can save your workspace and manage multiple studies at once, and you can bookmark a selection. Then with just one click, you can refer back to your search at anytime.

You can also translate an original language word found in the Bible to English using the "Generate Englishman's Concordance."

The Logos Bible Software Series X is built on the Libronix Digital Library System, a technology used to deliver digital libraries of books and interactive study tools, according to the Logos Research Systems.

It contains more than 230 Bibles and Bible Reference titles worth more that $5,000 in equivalent print editions.

Reprinted from The Gazette in Medina, Ohio.