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Review: Logos delivers easy transition for PC to Mac users

I’m neither a Bible scholar nor a computer geek, but I know enough about Scripture and computers to say anyone who is looking for an easy, powerful computer Bible study tool cannot go wrong with Logos for Mac.

Like an increasing number of computer users, I recently made the transition from a PC to a Macintosh. A few months ago for various reasons—including my increasingly out-of-date, overloaded PC and a reluctance to make the jump to the widely panned Windows Vista—it was time to make the switch to Mac, which our graphics/editorial team has been well ensconced in for many years. (Yes, the Mac commercials with the hip, young Mac guy regularly gigging the old, nerdy PC guy played a role in thinking about making my computer conversion.)

One concern about making the move to Mac, however, was the ability to use my Logos Bible Software. I had heard rumblings that there was a Mac version of Logos on the way—and was even preparing for the possibility of using Logos on my Mac in the Windows platform using Boot Camp or Parallels—when I was delighted to learn that Logos was ready to release its brand-new, built from the ground up version of Logos for Macintosh.

Released in December, Logos for Mac ( is everything Logos users have enjoyed in the Windows environment but tailored for the elegance and functionality of the Mac. Simply put, I love it!

With nearly 10,000 electronic titles—including Bibles, commentaries, reference works, and sundry other biblical, theological and language books—and another 2,000 more slated for release this year, Logos is the industry leader in computer Bible study programs.

I know there are other programs available (for PC and Mac), including some less expensive or even free

Internet-based resources, but I have used one version or another Logos since my days in seminary and have never been disappointed.

Windows users can seamlessly transfer their Logos program—and especially the electronic library they have acquired—by “crossgrading” with the Mac engine (currently available for $59.95), loading the books and being ready to do powerful Bible studies. Logos for Mac can also be used with other Bible study programs available for Mac.

For Mac users entirely new to Logos, the Mac engine comes with the purchase of one of five “base” packages bundling Bibles, commentaries and other study resources that are designed to serve the entire spectrum of Bible students, all the way from the novice to the scholar:

•Bible Study Library, $259.95 for 170 titles (print edition value, $2,800), ideal for Sunday School teachers and for personal devotional study.

•Leader’s Library, $309.95 for 230 titles (print edition value, $3,600), ideal for pastors.

•Scholar’s Library, $629.95 for 330 titles (print edition value, $6,100), ideal for serious students who can work with biblical languages. Two upgrades to the Scholar’s Library are the Silver (520 titles, $995.95; print value, $8,400) and Gold (700 titles, $1,379.95; print value, $11,700) versions with vast resources that will well serve the most expert Bible student.

All of Logos’ resources, including language tools, are accessible by those who have little or no training in biblical languages, helping English-only students understand the Bible in its original languages.

Other electronic books—as single titles and other bundles of resources—can be added to build the library to fit your needs. Purchasing new releases in “pre-publication” is generally at significant savings.

The incredible searching and reporting capacity of Logos for Mac speeds up Bible study, harnessing the data in your electronic library in mere seconds. From the “home” screen, simply enter a Bible passage, click “go” and Logos compiles all relevant sections from Bibles, commentaries and other reference works in your electronic library—opened to the very page. No more time-consuming effort of pulling books from your shelves, finding the relevant pages and sifting through the piles of books and papers!

For deeper research still, the “Exegetical Guide” produces a report on selected verses, analyzing them word-by-word in the original languages and providing extensive information that will provide deeper understanding of God’s Word.

I love books I can pick up and hold—and I own thousands of them sitting on scores of bookshelves (and desks and floors!). But there is simply nothing like doing Bible study with Logos. And, now that Logos for Mac is out, any computer user of any level of Bible knowledge can use this wonderful tool in his preferred platform.

© 2009. Used by permission.