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The Classical Outlook, Vol 83 (3), Spring 2006, p. 112

Logos Tackles More Greek

by Rob Latousek (Centaur Systems)
Random Access columnist

In my last column I let out the word that Logos Bible Software, in concert with Oxford University Press, had released an electronic version of Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ).  This is the full ninth edition, with the 1996 supplement fully integrated into it...  Since then, they have also released more Greek grammar "e-books" for the New Testament and Koine Greek.

Their electronic version of the hallowed lexicon is quite easy to use (Figure 1).  There is a handy hierarchical index which can be kept in one pane of the lexicon window and adjusted for depth of detail, all the way down to specific words, for quick "thumbing" through.  An ever-present search tool sits prominently at the top of the window, when you know what you're looking for.  The text pane is a continuous scroll, so you can move as gradually as you like up or down through the lexicon and get plenty of context, much like a printed version and unlike some electronic versions that only show one entry at a time.

Linguistic connections between entries (variants, related stems, etc.) are highlighted in red as cross-links, and source abbreviations in green can be quickly expanded with a rollover caption and referenced in the "Authors & Works List."  Like all of the Logos materials, this lexicon is based on the Libronix Digital Library System (which is included with it) and designed to be used with a corpus of other electronic texts; however, there are no real obstacles to using it on its own alongside your other texts and tools running in various applications.  All in all, it is a pretty slick way to access that magnificent reference work.

Just as a reminder: Logos is still doing a "pre-pub" promotion to drum up support for putting the complete Oxford Latin Dictionary
(OLD) on CD.  For more info, contact Logos Bible Software, 1313 Commercial St., Bellingham WA 98225; tel. 800-875-6467; web:

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