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Leading Student Ministry (LifeWay Christian Resources), Winter 2004, p. 58

Logos - Bible Study Library software.

Review by Lynn H. Pryor

A good reference library is essential to any minister’s set of resources. In addition to planning games and events, a youth leader needs good books to help gain an understanding of God’s Word. Logos Bible Software Series X - Bible Study Library proposes to offer that. In fact, the Bible Study Library offers more than 100 reference titles in a digital format so that you never have to leave your computer.

But does it deliver? There is a bit of a learning curve (in spite of the tutorials) and it can seem "slow" at times. But in fairness to the software, it accesses a lot of files to pull together the information I request (which, by comparison, would take an hour to pull from books). I type in a verse, let the software do its stuff, and it gives me a large list of books in my digital library that offer comment or background on the verse. After that, reading, cutting, and pasting only the notes I wanted was a breeze.

The search capability depends on how many books are unlocked. It’s the old truth: you get what you pay for. The CD-ROM’s have hundreds of additional book titles (classics and contemporary) that can be unlocked and accessed via an online purchase. Detailed information can be found on the web at

I tested the Logos Bible Study Library over several weeks with different Bible study scenarios. Once I navigated the learning curve, it did prove quite handy. And I didn’t have to reshelf a lot of books when I was through!

Lynn H. Pryor is the Biblical Instructional Specialist in Student Ministry Publishing at LifeWay Church Resources.

© 2003 by Leading Student Ministry. Used by permission.